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I am an average middle-aged biker who lives with his spouse in the greater suburban sprawl of the Maryland suburbs north and west of Washington, DC, USA.

Arrived and Ready

Monument Valley, Navajo Nation

Our motorcycle adventure begins….

On Monday 6 September, my next-door neighbor drove me to the airport.

The check-in was…

…super easy. I was even served by a real human in the priority check-in line for my airline. With all the travel I did for work over 42 years, I am a “million miler” (actually, 2 million but who’s counting?) gives me lifetime priority standing.

That status also got me a free upgrade to first class 3 days ago.

I checked a bag and carried another one in which I packed things like my cameras and spare batteries, helmet, and other items I would not want to risk getting lost.

I also have TSA Pre-check, which facilitates getting through security easily. I can keep my clothes on (ha) including my boots and belt.

Ten minutes after being dropped off, I was at the gate. Two hours early.

My only complaint — wearing a mask fogged up my reading glasses. It took a while to adjust things so I could read an “airplane read” that I brought from my husband’s “airplane books” library.

My flight to the connecting airport left 3 minutes early. We got there 20 minutes early.

I made my way to the gate for my flight to Las Vegas. Almost as soon as I got there, my riding partner “S” showed up. We caught up and discussed lots of things, including our trip plans.

“S” also had a first class seat, and I arranged to be seated next to him. Our flight was on time and actually arrived early.

Wonders of wonders — we were fed a meal that I actually could eat. No frilly-fancy crap from chef du airline cuisine. A simple turkey sandwich and edible sides. Who’da thunk?

I took a nap, read my book, chatted with “S”, and four hours later, we arrived.

Thinking that we’d need to eat some grub for dinner, and knowing that our hotel did not have a restaurant and none were within walking distance (especially at 108F!), we bought some subs at the airport. We decided to take them with us and eat at the hotel.

LV Airport is old and a long, long, LONG slug of a walk, plus a rinky-dink train, to get to baggage claim.

Our bags arrived and were almost first out the chute.

We found a taxi, got to the hotel, checked in… and I was in bed fast asleep by 7pm!

Ready to pick up our Harleys this morning and begin our adventure.

Life is short: ride with awesomeness!

Next Motorcycle Adventure

Readers of the blog may remember that in late July, 2017, my buddy “S” and I rented Harleys in Salt Lake City, Utah, and rode to and through the “Mighty Five” National Parks of Utah over five days and six nights, covering 1,244 miles of absolutely spectacular scenery.

This indeed was a “crazy-awesome adventure” as documented on this blog with stories, photos, and videos.

I had been dreaming/planning to return for a reprise of this ride to see some more of this great land. I had a ride planned in summer 2020, but, well, that didn’t happen.

However: soon, “Crazy-Awesome Adventure II” will begin. When? Where?
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August Update

My goodness, I just realized that it has been almost a full month since I updated this blog. I admit, when my husband was sick last year and died in January, I lost interest in writing about boots, leather, or motorcycle riding. Please be assured, losing interest does not mean I am depressed. Let’s just say, I have refocused my purpose of life.

Here at home…
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Joy of Getting Lost

People who do not ride motorcycles cannot understand, and I feel sorry for them. Us bikers get it — riding “for the journey, not the destination” is a biker’s state of mind.

These past few weeks, I have been doing just that… getting out there and…
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