About BHD

I am an average middle-aged biker who lives in the greater suburban sprawl of the Maryland suburbs north and west of Washington, DC, USA.

Confidence of Boots and Leather

No, I haven’t let this blog die. I need to get motivated to write again. So here goes.

Over the years and recently as well, I have received messages from guys who have complimented me on how I appear in boots and leather and comment on their personal concerns about wearing this gear.

No, contrary to fears, most people (at least those who are civil and educated), will not look at someone wearing boots or perhaps leather jeans and say something uncomplimentary.

In my experience dating back more than 40 years, actually…
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Update on BHD Gear Sales

I mentioned on this blog that I am downsizing my leather and boots collections. I have made more adjustments to the BHD Gear Sales Site in response to some visitor feedback, as well as listed more items.

What changes have been made to my sales site? Why am I selling my gear & boots? Why am I doing this via my own site instead of existing merchandise sale sites? If you see some of my boots or gear not shown on the sales site, is it available? Will you sell boots or gear beyond the U.S. or Canada? Read on…
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My LeatherHunk

These photos were taken in our back yard just five years ago today.

I miss my husband, my “leatherhunk,” my leather soul(mate), my man. I march forward with purpose in my life, but I still miss him a lot and always will have very fond memories of the man who completed me.
Life is short: enjoy fond memories.

Motorcycle Gear Choices

I have ridden motorcycles for more than four decades, and enjoy it. Over the years, I have acquired, tested, and worn many different motorcycle gear products designed for wear for rider protection and comfort.

“Back in the day” like all Model T Fords, I could have any color of gear I wanted as long as it was black. Black leather. Denim & leather jeans. Black boots. Black gloves. And that was about it–though even back when I first started riding, I could choose a helmet color that was brighter and more visible than black.

Technology innovations and fabric improvements nowadays affect my choices of what to wear when I ride, as well as my level of tolerance of heat, cold, and humidity.

I always wear motorcycle boots, but above my feet, what I wear varies based on the ambient air temperatures and humidity for safe, protective, riding gear.

Here are my current choices of what I wear and why–
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Riding Reset

Friday February 11 and Saturday the 12th, we had delightful unseasonably warm(ish) weather in Maryland. After taking care of chores at home, I stopped reminiscing of my last trip to Puerto Rico with my beloved husband (two years ago this week), turned off the blasted computer and …
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Sad Demise of Chippewa Motorcycle Boots

For decades, the Chippewa brand of boots were THE boots to have and wear when riding a motorcycle, hanging out with bikers, or at leather fetish bars & events.

Who else besides me noticed the tough-looking tall Chippewa engineer boots on other guys? The oil-tanned tough-biker looking style, or the patrol boot style on a motorcycle police officer?

For us regular bikers, two serious choices of Chippewa motorcycle boots included…
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Launch of BHD Gear Sales

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have developed a website called BHD Gear Sales where I can list my personally-owned boots and leather gear that I no longer wear and want to “rehome” on other guys’ feet and bodies.

I am getting older and am making plans for my future where I will eventually move (five to ten years from now). Downsizing a huge boot and gear collection will take time, so this is the process I have chosen to try.

How does it work?
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2022 Plans

Hey there… long time no see! I am doing well, though tolerating the below freezing weather here in the Mid-Atlantic has not been that easy after spending a month in Puerto Rico from mid-December through January.

With it being so darn cold, full leather (shirt, jeans, boots, and even a leather tie for closing the gap at my neck) and my favorite Schott or Langlitz jackets are keeping me warm. Also helps to allow me to turn the heat in my house down a bit to save on home heating costs.

While I was in Puerto Rico, I totally “reset myself” and feel much more positive moving forward in my new life. Mind you, I still miss my husband; the grief is less acute, but still there.

For my “2022 reset,” I made plans related to my boots and leather gear. Interested?
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Honoring Complete

My beloved husband let go one year ago, January 5, due to complications from pancreatic cancer. I honored his last wishes today, one year later. He asked me to scatter his ashes upon the Caribbean Sea off the west coast of Puerto Rico because he said it “was the only ocean I can swim in.”

Instead of using a boat, I had to change plans due to a covid-caused complication. I was okay with that, and actually, I thought…
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