Cyber Monday Boot Shopping

CyberGreetings on so-called “Cyber Monday” which follows “Black Friday,” “Small Business Saturday,” and whatever Sunday was.

So are you like me and getting bombarded with all sorts of “sales of the year” promotions from boot retailers? Are you in the market for a new pair of boots for yourself or a loved-one for Christmas? Do you have trouble sorting out reality from marketing hype, and sometimes (oops, like me again) have trouble with sales resistance?

Here are some tips on on-line boot buying from a boot-shopping pro…
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Up and Out

We had another spectacular “no senior is lonely” Feastival yesterday, with 105 guests, 15 family, and a few special guests to greet visitors, including a U.S. Senator, who I knew was coming but let the others be surprised.

The weather was super-fantastic, with pleasantly warm temperatures and sunny skies. I was thankful for the good weather, in particular, because we were able to use our decks for additional space for crowds to spill out when the house got too crowded.

My twin brother…
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The Best Thanksgiving Surprise

I had a long day at work on Tuesday. I arrived home, prepared dinner for my spouse and myself, then went to the basement to relax. I was so beat, I fell asleep in my spouse’s arms.

About 8pm, my spouse shook me awake. I thought he would suggest that we go to bed early. However, he said, “someone’s at the door.” My spouse never answers the doorbell, ever, so I went up and was flabbergasted when…
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The Honeymooners

Handsrings01When I recently took a flight out west, I had an experience that perhaps changed perceptions, just maybe, of someone who expressed those old worn-out narrow-minded points of view about same-sex marriage. And it happened by observing two guys who just got married to each other and were “rather expressive” about it. Read on…
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