I continue to support this blog, but I still have trouble coming up with new content.

Today’s update is what I call “Re-Emergence.” I title this “Re-Emergence” because I truly feel like an adult emerging from a chrysalis. My chrysalis was a protective shell in which I encased myself during what was the worst part of my life.

In case you missed it, my husband died in January, 2021, after a six-month battle with treatments for pancreatic cancer. The chemotherapy treatments administered two years ago (this month), could not be tolerated. Chemo intolerance led to getting an infection and resulted in multiple organ failure.

Since his death, I went into an extended period of grieving. I had a lot of support from my family and close friends, as well as opportunities to serve my community as a volunteer to keep busy and do things to honor my husband.

The process of grief…
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SIR in Leather

Okay, I admit… with some introspection and on getting reacquainted with a friend who is as much into leather as I am, it is confirmed that I am a “SIR” in the gay leatherworld.

I have always thought of myself as a masculine man. I have shunned characteristics of effeminate gay males. I respect that we are all different, and some people are more on the effeminate side than the type of man I am.

I have also learned more about what a “sub” is to a “SIR.” Through this in-person reacquaintance with a really nice guy who ticks many of my boxes, …
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