Protecting You From Creepy

The other day, I received a message from someone who visited my website and who completely misunderstood its intent — it only shares my personal collection of boots and motorcycle/leather riding gear as well as provides some tutorials and explanations about boots, wearing leather, and so on.

It is not a sales or business site. However, visitors who aggressively promote their products and services continue to bombard me with messages that fall into three main categories, which I’ll explain in a moment.

However, a recent message doesn’t fit into a “regular” category. I classified it as downright creepy. I explain what it said that made me classify it as creepy after the jump.
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A Year Ago and Far Away

One year ago this week, I was working thousands of miles away from home (yeah, actually working). That work-trip began with a “one-day” bucket-list adventure.

As I contemplate our lives today, caring for my very feeble and frail mother-in-law and my spouse whose condition isn’t so good either, I still smile and remember…
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It’s Spring, Right?

A very unwelcome last-gasp of winter visited us on the first day of astronomical Spring here in these parts: a major winter storm. From the hyperventilating of the TV weather weasels remarking about a “record-breaking event!” (pant, pant, pant), even the B-I-C* couldn’t exceed their excitement during his usual early morning twitter shitstorm he’s known for.

Spouse and I took it…
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Valuation of Frye Boots

I have received several email messages in the last week from people who found an old pair of Frye Boots at a yard sale, and have said,

I found your website. I would like to know what price to list a pair of old Frye boots on eBay.

Yes, I have a number of pairs of vintage ’70s and ’80s Frye boots and have written about them on this blog, though it has been quite some time since I have done that.

But with my nostalgic postings on both the website and blog, I fear that I may have…
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Fundraising, Snuggling, and Twinning

I was delighted to have a very productive Saturday, topped off by calling a successful auction for my VFD’s annual event. Suited and booted in black dressy Lucchese crocodile belly boots, I helped to raise over $26,500 for the fire department’s ongoing needs.

However, as soon as the auction part of the dinner was over, and right before the DJ began playing music for dancing, I bid my farewells. Why? …
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