Know Your COOL

I have blogged a lot about boots and the quality of materials from which they are made as well as quality of craftsmanship in construction.

Over decades, I have experienced how quality makes a difference in the wear, durability, and comfort of boots.

I also have blogged alot about how boot manufacturers who once made boots exclusively in the United States have…
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Southwest Boot Company FFB Boots

I was introduced to Southwest Boot Company by a reader who wrote to me a couple months ago to ask for my opinion about this company and their boots.

According to the company website, they have been in business in Glendale, Southern California, since 1990. Funny, I’ve been around the block a lot in the Boot World, and only learned about them recently, so they must have been a small outfit that has expanded.

Today, I write about their “FFB” series of station boots — a favorite boot style of mine. (more after the jump)
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Riding To Break In Harness Boots

During the “stay-at-home” order period, which here in Maryland began March 30 and technically hasn’t ended (for good reason!), I was a good schnook and did just that — stayed home!

In mid-May, restrictions began to lift slightly for activities where you did not interact with people, including being able to ride my Harley for more than running errands to get groceries or to the pharmacy. (Or go skydiving, but that’s different.)

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Last Call: Chippewa Harness Boots

The iconic, rock-solid motorcycle harness boot made under the Chippewa label, model number 27868, aka “Street Warrior,” was discontinued by Justin Brands, the manufacturer, two years ago. The company has been slowly sending remaining stock for sale. When they’re gone, they will be gone forever.

Such a sad loss for the motorcycle boot world. Why did this happen?
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Wearing Leather Builds Self-Confidence

As some people, including me, have said over time — it takes guts to wear certain articles of clothing out in public, especially if others are not accustomed to seeing you wearing such items such as boots and/or leather garments (besides a leather jacket.)

I cannot tell you how many people have written to me or searched this blog about “men wearing boots to the office / church / in general.” Same goes for wearing leather pants or jeans, which I wrote about in my last blog post.

The general gist of these questions have been concerns about…
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Consequences of Motorcycle Riding Risk-Taking

On Sunday, I was out for a pleasant ride on my Harley. I rode on familiar two-lane, tree-lined, country roads in my home county. So yeah, it’s me — ol’ geezer on his geezer-glide putt-putting away.

I ride in full gear all the time — boots, long pants, DOT-listed helmet, and a protective, well-ventilated ballistic nylon jacket. Usually — I admit when it’s really hot — I can’t wear a jacket. Roasting fatigues and dehydrates me, thus making it unsafe to ride.

So as I was riding along on this pleasantly warm sunny day, I came to a stop light. Two younger guys on motorcycles that they had modified (one with “ape hanger” bars) pulled up behind me. Revved their engines… obvious to me, they wanted to…
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