Blog Blown Up Again

I tried migrating to the HTTPS protocol, and once again, no images are showing on this blog. I’ve tried searching for answers… no luck. This is terribly confusing.

Until I can reach Support, please be patient. This blog may be restored soon… or it may not.

I hate this.

Life is short: thanks for your patience.

Galleries and Blog Software Conflict

Dear readers,

I am sorry that for about the last week, my website, its boot reviews and knowledgebase wiki and this blog were alternating between being “up” and visible, or parts of the website not being visible, the wiki was and was not working, or this blog disappearing and substituting with an error message about a PHP conflict.

My my my, what a nightmare.

You may not be aware that…
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Post 3000 Milestone

Well, it has been a while, but this blog reached a major milestone in having this post be the 3,000th post on this blog. I realize this year I have been posting much less frequently. Regardless, the blog lives on since it began in January, 2008, more than 12 years ago.

I did a little research from the all-knowing Dr. Google, and learned that for “hobby blogs” like this one…
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Appreciate Quality and Express Gratitude

In my last post, I described that someone sent me an email to ask me to share some of what I have learned. So I posted about learning to listen and not always be the first one with an opinion.

Today, I will write about another thing my email-writer remarked about:

You emphasize detail and the importance of quality: Fewer and fewer people appreciate these wonderful things or express their gratitude when someone takes the time to demonstrate them.

Again, wow… I really did not think that this little blog would have this characteristic noted. Thank you.

Regarding the topic… (more after the jump)
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