Prayers for a Cop

I learned regretful and sad news yesterday that a motor officer who I worked with and judged in our local police motorcycle riding competition was shot in the head by a crazy fool. The officer was flown by helicopter to the hospital where he underwent surgery. His condition is critical. We’re all praying for his recovery, and for his family, including young children.

It’s a small, interconnected world we live in. I’m not a cop, but feel a connection to the officer because…
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Holding Out for My Man

MarylandflaggayringsMany of my blog readers are aware that the state where my fiance and I live now permits same-sex marriage. My partner said, “yes, of course, silly” when I asked him to marry me once we knew that we could get married legally in our state.

We had discussed marrying on the date of our 20th anniversary of the day we met, which is in April. However…
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Oscars Shmoshkers

OscarJust a brief note… many people in the U.S., and perhaps around the world, are all ga-ga over an awards show that aired on television last night. Huge, heavy bronze statues are given for cinema — best picture, best actor, actress, and so on.

There are a number of people who have “Oscar parties.” How did I respond to two invitations?
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Devotion or Complacent or …

Someone sent me a message recently asking why I said that I would not be creating any new videos. I replied that one of the reasons besides technical difficulties is that my fiance does not think videos serve any purpose, are silly, and does not want me to make them. He generally has a dim view of social media, including YouTube. He does not want me to be part of that.

The person in the email said, “Did your partner object to you making the videos? You sound devoted to him, or maybe things have just become complacent.”

My response?
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Presentation on Advocacy

Lucroperblack10Monday 18 February was a holiday — so no going to work, but I worked hard nonetheless. I broke down and put on a suit & tie with a nice pair of Lucchese Classic black cowboy boots, and attended a medical convention at the request of my fiance’s primary care physician. I was invited to give a presentation to about 300 doctors about what it is really like to be a healthcare advocate on the “front lines” every day about a disease that many in the healthcare community believe is not as bad as it is, or some who even believe that the disease does not exist.

In the not so distant past, I was labeled…
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Boot Collection At Work

LucpythonthumbNow becoming a weekly series, here are the boots that I wore to work this week, which continue to follow my self-promise to wear each pair of boots in my collection without repeating any of them, for the duration of the line of boots that both fit me and fit my work environment. (For example, I can’t wear muddy engineer boots to work in an office.)

I wear cowboy boots when I drive my four-wheeled vehicle in cold but dry weather, and motorcycle boots with soles that provide better traction on slick pavement when I drive my truck in wet and cold weather — and of course when I ride my Harley which hasn’t been much lately as the weather has been uncooperative.

So here are the boots I wore to work this past week:
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