Lizard Skin Supply Affected By Disease?

DPbrownteju08Someone from Texas wrote to me recently to ask:[I went to a boot store to buy a pair of boots. While there,] the owner and I were talking about lizard skin boots. He was telling me there is a disease affecting the supply of farm raised lizards causing the manufacturer to increase the price of lizard skin boots. Have you heard of this before?

My reply–
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Boots on a Day with Snow and Business Meetings

Today, February 26, there is snow in the forecast. In fact, it was falling as I drove in to work.

Having several top-level meetings today, as well as having to drive to an airport this afternoon to pick up a professional colleague, then drive him into the city to his hotel and have a business dinner, I thought carefully about what boots to wear that would fit today’s dress requirements.

The boots had to …
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Wearing Boots in an Office

Lucblackgoat03Questions about whether men should wear boots instead of dress shoes with a suit or businesswear (shirt & tie) continue to drive many visitors to my website page on wearing cowboy boots. [Update: this link was broken when posted; it is now fixed. Sorry!]

Half of the thousands of visitors that search engines drive to my website are looking for results to these fundamental questions:

  • Can men wear boots with a suit?
  • Should I wear boots to the office?
  • What boots to wear with dress clothes in the office?
  • Can guys wear a shirt and tie with dress slacks and boots?
  • What are the best boots to wear to work in an office?

The simple answers to all of these questions can be summed up…
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Black Jack Boots vs. Lucchese Classic Boots

Note: this post was updated June 21, 2016, noting a difference discovered over time in the comfort, or less thereof, of Black Jack boots.

I have seen now more than once the phrase, “Black Jack Boots vs. Lucchese” appear in searches that lead visitors to this blog. Since I own and wear both brands of these fine cowboy boots, I thought I would respond with my opinions about the comparison of these boot brands.

Few people are aware…
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You’re The Third

Monday afternoon, I was standing in line at a store, waiting my turn to check out. A pair of Mormon missionaries — the kids that go out on behalf of their church to proselytize — were standing in line behind me. You can tell who these kids are by their uniform: white shirt, black tie, and black plastic name badge pinned to their lapel. They did not have anything in their hands, so I was wondering why they were standing in line.

As these kids usually do, one of them tried to strike up a conversation with me. They do that to open the door to what inevitably would be a pitch for their church’s teachings. I’ve had that happen dozens of times and recognize the approach.

One of these kids looked at my left hand, saw the ring on my ring finger, and figured out that I was married. Knowing that we recently had a huge snowfall, he smiled and said,
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Intellectual Discussion with My Best Friend

Sunday, my spouse and I did something we love to do on a cold winter’s day… we made ravioli from scratch, and by hand one raviolo at a time.

While my spouse has not been out of the house since November 19 (except for visits to his doctor and twice at an E.R.), the treatment regimen that he is on at least has cleared the bugs from his brain. No more “brain fog” and extreme fatigue, though the joint pain remains severe.

So while he was feeling in good spirits and wanted to spend time with me doing something together, I made pasta dough, and …
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Best Boots for Snow

Welcome back to the blog; this time, the discussion is about my opinion about boots to wear when having to work in cold and icy weather, such as this past week when we got dumped on with a foot (30cm) of snow. I know that amount of snow pales in comparison with other locations, but for those of us who live near Washington, DC, that was significant.

What boots did I wear when removing snow from our walks and drive, as well as my neighbors and six senior pals’ property?
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