Back In The Saddle

I had a very productive yet intense work trip all last week in Salt Lake City, Utah. Since I was running the show, I had no time to write anything for this blog.

I regret, though, not combining this trip with another motorcycle ride. However, I was warned…
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Tecovas Alligator Boots

Once again, I bit the advertising promo from Tecovas Boots and bought myself as an early birthday present a pair of their new line of American Alligator Belly cowboy boots.

I had my eye on Alligator Belly boots for a long time, but prices for them by some other companies, especially Lucchese, were astronomical.

But when I received an unexpected check for royalties from a book I wrote a long time ago, that happened to be exactly the cost of a new pair of Tecovas Alligator Boots… well…
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Riding To Go Fishin’

The old phrase says, “if you fall off a horse, you have to get right back on it,” or probably not ride again. That is very true for my husband who stopped driving when he became very ill in 2012. When his health became stable again three years later, he had lost the courage to deal with the bad drivers we have where we live what with their constant inattentiveness (hand-held cell-phone use) and generally horrible, aggressive, awful driving.

With me, while I was frightened last week when a biker rode aggressively to get past me and crashed, it was not I who crashed. But I am a bit nervous about riding again. However today…
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Consequences of Motorcycle Riding Risk-Taking

On Sunday, I was out for a pleasant ride on my Harley. I rode on familiar two-lane, tree-lined, country roads in my home county. So yeah, it’s me — ol’ geezer on his geezer-glide putt-putting away.

I ride in full gear all the time — boots, long pants, DOT-listed helmet, and a protective, well-ventilated ballistic nylon jacket. Usually — I admit when it’s really hot — I can’t wear a jacket. Roasting fatigues and dehydrates me, thus making it unsafe to ride.

So as I was riding along on this pleasantly warm sunny day, I came to a stop light. Two younger guys on motorcycles that they had modified (one with “ape hanger” bars) pulled up behind me. Revved their engines… obvious to me, they wanted to…
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The Year of Riding Solo

Chalking up 2019 as my year of riding my Harley solo. Last year, I left the motorcycle riding club of which I had been a member, officer, and Road Captain for a long time when it lost its identity. That is, new owner/sponsor changed the name of the club to align with the name of his company, which is named after a city where we do not live and not even a state.

What was worse, they promised they wouldn’t change the name, but lied to our face and did it anyway. So I quit.

What is even more worse…
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