Clone of Firefighter Boots!

For many years, I have been a fan of Chippewa Firefighter Boots (model 27422 aka “Ruttman”) as my favorite “go-to” boots to wear when riding my Harley.

These boots are very comfortable, durable, and have a “big lug” Vibram 100 sole that provides terrific traction while operating a heavyweight motorcycle.

They are lightweight, flexible, and look great with whatever I choose to wear (denim, leather, or BDUs.) What I like most about these boots (besides safety) is that the boots are great for riding, but also great for walking.

Often on a motorcycle ride, I would arrive at a destination that required walking around. Big heavy boots (such as Wescos) made walking hard because the boot soles were not very flexible, and the boots were really heavy. These 9-inch boots solved the problem.

I was sorely disappointed when…
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Leather Weather is Here!

Finally… after a typical brutally hot summer, we finally saw the heat break right at the start of Autumn. This morning, it was a leather-perfect 46F (8C) at my favorite time of day… dawn.

I was waiting for this day to come for a while so I could “leather up” once again.

I am not attending any leather-oriented events, such as the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. That type of thing is far in my past.

But I still enjoy leather and with a closet-full of gear, now that it is appropriately cooler, my favorite combination of gear came on.

What’s my current favorite gear?
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New England Ride

This week, I flew to New Hampshire and rented a Harley Street Glide. My riding buddy “S” met me. “S” lives here. I followed “S” to his home and settled in as “base camp.”

We will ride 5 days throughout some of the U.S. States of New England — New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

Our rides are not aggressive, though the first two days, we rode a total of 371 miles. We saw…
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Cowboy Boots and Suits

After all these years, I still receive inquiries like this:

I am attending a wedding and have to wear a suit. I usually don’t dress up. My job doesn’t have a dress code, so I wear jeans and khakis with cowboy boots. My girlfriend doesn’t want me to wear boots with a suit to the wedding. Since I am not in the wedding party (just a guest), is my girlfriend making too big of a deal about this? I have some nice pairs of dress boots, but as of now, she won’t budge from her opinion against my boots. Signed, Rob

While I am not “Dear Abby,” indeed I do have experience wearing cowboy boots with suits in my lifetime. Read on for my answer…
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