Cowboy Biker Boots

Someone wrote to me to ask my opinion about a pair of Double H “western work boots” (model 4620). These boots have the cowboy boot appearance, but an honest-to-goodness Vibram 430 minilug sole. This is the type of sole used frequently on boots worn by motorcycle police officers, and are on many pairs of my traditional motorcycle boots.
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Closets Are For Boots

Closet: clos·et [kloz-it]
1. a small room, enclosed recess, or cabinet for storing clothing, food, utensils, etc.
2. a small private room, especially one used for prayer, meditation, etc.
3. a state or condition of secrecy or carefully guarded privacy. Gay liberation has encouraged many gay people to come out of the closet.
4. water closet.

I extend definition #1 also to include boots, but I am writing today about definition #3. Guys who carefully guard their privacy, particularly those who identify as gay, questioning as gay, or simply don’t know their sexual orientation yet they know they are not interested in women sexually.

I know the feeling. I once lived in the closet, too. And I thought I was fooling everyone to believe I was straight. Instead, I was miserable and feeling that I was leading a double-life.
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Boots on Cops

Okay, I admit, I am a Bootman. I kinda sorta “like” boots, wearing them, and have learned a thing or two about them. I am asked sometimes for my opinions about police patrol boots — the kind of boots that motorcycle cops wear. I give my factual opinions about them, styles, soles, composition, and manufacturers on my “Guide to Police Patrol Boots” on my website.

This post shows images of boots worn by real cops who participated in the recent police motorcycle riding competition that I attended. So, without any more fanfare, here goes:
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Cops Pull Their Boots On One Foot At A Time

I had an enjoyable time participating as a judge at a motorcycle police riding competition that was held recently in an exurb of Washington, DC. I got to spend two days interacting with about 100 motor officers from various jurisdictions from the states of Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, as well as the non-state District of Columbia. The officers represented U.S. Government agencies, as well as state, county, and city jurisdictions.

So there I am… right there in the thick of the action, watching skilled riders go through courses during the competition, and also enjoying discussions during “down time”.

I know some gay men who would be thrilled to have that opportunity. Me?
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Sunshine on Cops

On Saturday, I was fortunate enough to serve as a judge again for the largest police motorcycle riding competition in the United States (so I’m told). This year, it was held 70 miles south of where I live. It was a long ride down there, but I rode with skilled riders from my club, who also served as judges. Got there safely in 90 minutes.

Over the next few days, I will write about this event and share some photos. It will take me a while to crop and edit the pictures that I took to post them in the cop gallery on my website. When the gallery is completed, I will announce it here.

It was nice to meet a regular visitor of this blog who came all the way from Seattle to vacation on the East Coast, including spending a day at this event. He and I have exchanged several email messages. It is wonderful to put a face with a name.

I also met another regular reader of this blog with whom I had not communicated before. A cop from a Virginia PD came up to me and said, “are you that booted dude guy?” Not quite knowing what that was about, I asked, “what do you mean?” To that he replied, “I read your blog. It’s informative. And that Guide to Motorcycle Police Patrol Boots is awesome!” Seriously, a cop told me that he thought my guide about police boots was awesome. Wow! (Nice cop, too. We had a great conversation about his work.)

It was a great event. Very well-organized and efficiently run. There were fewer entrants this year than in years past, and no one knows quite why. Oh well, it was great for those who were able to participate. These cops have riding skills that are — in a word — awesome!

Life is short: enjoy awesomeness!

Old Nemeses New Friends

Many of you have heard about the “It Gets Better Project” which began in September 2010 when Dan Savage and his partner made a video to inspire hope among young people facing harassment. Unfortunately, many youth who identify as being gay, are questioning their sexuality, or exhibit characteristics and behaviors that society has stereotyped as “being gay”, are subject to bullying, harassment, and abuse.

I know that for myself —
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Denim Jeans

Denim jeans (aka “blue jeans”) have been worn by men (and women) for ages. Jeans are durable, easy to care for, and fairly inexpensive compared with dressier clothing. According to a great source, “Best Stuff for Men: The Denim Guide,” there are over 100 brands of jeans with over 450,000 pairs sold each year in the U.S. Wow… that’s a lot of jeans!

Jeans and boots go well together. A natural combination of casual, comfortable jeans with a pair of boots looks good — whether you choose cowboy boots, work boots, or motorcycle boots. Guys wear denim jeans more than any other type of pants. You can see that for yourself everywhere you look.

I have often been asked what kind of jeans I wear and recommend. Well, I’ve learned a thing or two….
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This one word, “Folsom,” is well-known. It refers to a week’s events and activities in San Francisco, California. The largest activity that culminates this week of events is a street festival held on Sunday, September 23. There will be plenty of entertainment, parties, after-parties, demonstrations, dances, smokin’ and drinkin’, and lots and lots of boots and leather. While it is predominantly attended by gay men into leather, there are a lot of people (both gay and straight) who go. It is the largest such outdoor “fetish” event in the world.

Ahhhh… back in the day…
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Are Boots on Men Indicative of Being Gay?

Oh crap, here it goes again, this time from an historical society in Ohio, USA:
I have addressed this issue on this blog many times. Short answer: no. Longer answer: hell no.

Go ask a cowboy, motorcop, or a construction worker if by the mere fact that he wears boots means that he is gay, it’s likely he will want to lay you out flat with a quick one-two punch. As for me…
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Motorcops Practice

I had a crazy-busy weekend, what with replacing one of my decks, building an entry ramp for a senior pal to make it easier for her to get into her home, and lots of other stuff. Fortunately, my partner was feeling better, so I felt comfortable enough to leave him for a few hours to help some friends practice for a big event that they will be entering next week.
I enjoy watching such skills and the camaraderie with my friends.

Check back in about a week or so for more photos during the real event.

Meanwhile — life is short: help the cops when you can.