Rujo Boots Review

Rujo Boots entered the cowboy boot market in 2020 with a slogan of “Be Brave.” The word “rujo” means “roar” and certainly this company has a superb product line that unto itself roars with quality.

A lot of guys, especially in the Eastern U.S., are hesitant to wear cowboy boots. All I have to say about that is, “get over it.” No one, no one, will say anything, except perhaps “nice boots” when they see you wearing them.

I own and wear four pairs of Rujo Boots and soon will buy some more. My review and personal opinions follow…
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Riding in Full Leather

It is glorious Fall! Crisp, dry, sunny and pleasant days make for perfect motorcycle riding weather.

While I prefer to wear ballistic nylon motorcycle jackets, there are times when the “old guard” biker in me roars, “wear your leather!”

I will not argue with my Leatherman alter ego! Lately when riding for fun (not for commuting), I have worn…
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