Sneakers with Leather

I’ve decided, come with Spring, to adopt what I am seeing all over this-here interwebby thing — a new fashion trend set by millennials that will combine my need for footwear comfort with my enjoyment of wearing leather jeans: sneakers with leather! Woo-hoo!

Readers of this blog are aware that I have had concerns about my feet spreading and lower legs losing muscle tone with age. As a result, I finally decided as I approach my sixth decade to …
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Kiddie Pop Star Sets a Bad Example

Here is a photo taken recently in a story about a kiddie pop star who took a spin on a sport bike in Beverly Hills, California. The name of this kid and the report of his ride is here. I choose not to write his name here as I do not want internet searches for his name to wind up here. This blog post is not about him; it’s about stupid choices made by someone who gets a lot of attention in the media.)

Come on, JB, what are those stupid things on your feet?
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Next Darwin Award Contender

I saw this on a friend’s Facebook page. My friend is a former air medic.

Damn! This guy is insane! Shorts, sneakers, no helmet, not holding on to the bars, and using a mobile device while the bike is in motion??? How crazy is that? This guy certainly deserves the “greatest dumbbell on the planet” award along with a Darwin Award. Life is short: wear long pants, motorcycle boots, a helmet, and turn off and put away mobile devices when operating a vehicle, period, end-of-story!

Protection From an E-Thief

I want to publicly thank a reader of this blog and viewer of my YouTube videos for contacting me recently to let me know about a nefarious ne’er-do-well who found a way to download one of my videos from my YouTube channel and upload it on her YouTube channel. That was bad enough, but that idiot also allows advertising on her videos, which generates income for her for each video view. Further, she superimposed a web link to some website that sells boots — probably because she receives a kickback on that, too.

E-thieves like that are among the lowest of the low on the Internet. They’re too lazy to create their own videos, so they steal others.
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Darwin Award Contenders

Readers of this blog know that I am a vocal advocate for wearing proper gear, including sturdy motorcycle boots and long pants, while operating a motorcycle. It’s just common sense. (And a DOT-approved helmet, too, even in states where helmets are not required by law.)

Following are two images that two readers have shared with me about the latest Darwin Award Contenders.

What’s a “Darwin Award?”
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Moron Deserves Prayers

I drove my partner to visit his mother in Pittsburgh for a quick two-day trip over this past weekend. I did some chores around her house, including (finally) heavying up the electrical system so I could install central air conditioning. None too soon — it was over 90°F (37°C), so the cooling was very welcome relief.

Unfortunately, my mother-in-law’s neighbor is a real sorry excuse for a human being. He called the cops on me twice while I was there.
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