Riding To Go Fishin’

The old phrase says, “if you fall off a horse, you have to get right back on it,” or probably not ride again. That is very true for my husband who stopped driving when he became very ill in 2012. When his health became stable again three years later, he had lost the courage to deal with the bad drivers we have where we live what with their constant inattentiveness (hand-held cell-phone use) and generally horrible, aggressive, awful driving.

With me, while I was frightened last week when a biker rode aggressively to get past me and crashed, it was not I who crashed. But I am a bit nervous about riding again. However today…
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Return to Our Life

Spouse and I had a peaceful trip to Pittsburgh this past week. His mother died on Sunday after a long, long decline in health, but no disease such as cancer or heart disease. She just gave out at age 91.

This trip was my turn to do all I could to…
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My mind is diverted and has been for a while. Not much heart in blogging about boots and leather when there are more important things going on.

My Spouse is dealing with supporting his Mom as she endures a long, slow, decline. He has…
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Riding Bikes

I have an ongoing dialogue with buddies who ride bicycles. They talk about being a “biker.” I say, “ha! I am a biker… you are a bicyclist. There is a difference between riding a BIKE and a toy!”

This banter continues among and with my die-hard bicycle-riding friends.

However, as an example of good sportsmanship with my twin great nephews, I did not quibble words when they asked me to…
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I have been very concerned about my Spouse and his overall poor health situation. Every day — almost every hour — it’s something. We continue to arrange to see specialists. Unfortunately, we cannot find a good general practitioner to manage the overall process and supervise the Spouse’s healthcare. Turns out the good GPs don’t accept new patients and those who do accept new patients have not been helpful. We have seen at least 10 of them so far this year and on initial contact, Spouse and I look at each other and say, “damn, another bust.”

The last GP who saw The Spouse three times turned out to be a “doctor feel good” — that is, treat with drugs for anxiety and depression. Hell — that was never it. That doc never wanted to look for (test for) the underlying cause.

However, as I face weeks of travel, I am relieved that…
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100 Years

It is hard for me to believe, but 100 years ago in a rural area of the Choctaw Nation within the borders of a state that just earned statehood ten years previously, a baby girl was born. That infant grew to become the most profound influence on my life. Well, after all…
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