Boots, Gear, and Blogging

I realize that most readers of this blog come here for anything other than political rants, yet here I have been in the last several weeks (and actually for months) allowing this blog to be overcome by my feelings of contempt for the political climate in the United States. What is hardest for me is that I have served…
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It was hard to endure the anguish and anxiety that I suffered during the most recent evidence of another really harmful temper tantrum by the Asshat in the White House, but with my Spouse with me always providing support, I survived.

During that time, I…
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His Tender Care

I have been feeling crappy since late December. Symptoms brought on by stress over the lying, baby-caging idiot-in-chief’s temper tantrum and failure to do his job are taking their toll. I am fatigued, yet I can’t sleep; I have other symptoms that I will not describe, but make it difficult for me to eat anything. Anything.

I finally gave in to my usual male resistance to seeing…
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Riding in Loggers

The weather where I live sure has been fickle, but in a good way. Once again last Sunday, the forecast was for the weather to be in the mid-50s (12.5C). With all the crap going on in Washington bloviating from the Liar-In-Chief, I really needed to get out for a head-clearing ride.

So I contacted buddies from my former riding club, and they invited me…
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Pleasant Boot Surprise

Yesterday, the FedEx guy showed up with a box. Spouse took the package, rolled his eyes, and called out, “did you buy another pair of boots?”

Who me?

No, this time I didn’t. But imagine the surprise when I opened the box and read a letter enclosed with it that said,
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Highs and Lows of 2018

As frequently occurs around this time of year, there are retrospective look-backs at the previous year, naming the Top 10, Top 5, or Top/Bottom Whatevers.

So I looked at the posts on this blog between January and December, 2018. Here are my “Top 5” highs and lows…
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Resolving Repeat

As I was trying to come up with my first blog post of 2019, I reviewed what I wrote on this date in 2018, and you know — nothing has changed. I continue to resolve “no resolutions” for 2019 (that I can’t keep.) The only resolution that I will keep is to ignore the unhinged egomaniac in the White House as best I can.

Repeating from last year about my outlook for 2019…
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