Weekend Gay Agenda

gayagendaI continue to be … amazed… dumbfounded… incredulous… sad… to read links from posts on a popular social network from some of my colleagues around the United States that lead to articles or blogs about “the gays imposing their gay agenda on us.”

Really? Yeah, you caught us. We definitely have a plan to take over the world.

Here is the Gay Agenda for my spouse and me this weekend:
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20 Years Ago, Today Was Never

Twenty years ago, 1993, I met the man of my life at a chance encounter. Neither of us were among those who got involved in political activities, but each of us had just joined an “MC” leather club and the club had decided to join the “March on Washington” held on April 25, 1993. So we both went along. This is the day we met and began our journey.

Most of what we did that day was stand around. We were too far away from the speech-givers to hear what they were saying. We began to have a discussion that continued for years. The start of that conversation that day was…
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Tidewater Cowboy Boots

Twcowboy03Here are my made-to-order boots by Tidewater Cowboy Boots I ordered last month. Wow! Stunning boots in design and quality!

Rather than having them shipped to me, I rode out on my Harley and picked them up last Friday, and had dinner with two of the Tidewater Cowboy crew–delightful folks with something like 80 years’ combined bootmaking experience between them, and right here in my own state. I learned a lot in this conversation… read on for more.
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Rain Changes Plans (and muds the boots)

I had planned to go riding (motorcycles) with some buddies yesterday, but it rained… and rained… and rained… all morning. Caused a change of plans. I contacted my friends and we decided to cancel the ride. That happens.

Instead, I pulled on my Chippewa Logger Boots, got two shovels from the shed, set my eyes on that mudhole in the back yard, grabbed my spouse, and…
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Having completed 22 out of 22 chores from the Honey-Do list, my spouse gave me some time off for good behavior. This blog post is short today ’cause I’m out riding. See ya’ on the road!
Life is short: RIDE!

What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?

I was having a very serious discussion with my ten-year-old great nephew the other day. This kid is older than his age; so serious, thoughtful, and sensitive.

He asked me, “what did you want to be when you grew up?” That was easy, but what followed was difficult: “is what you are doing now the same? (as what you thought you wanted to be doing when you grew up?)

I was like most boys his age…
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Riding To Work

I ride my Harley most every day in my commute to and from the office. I am among the very fortunate whose work location is close to home — in the same town (really, same sprawling suburb). So here I am, on the plaza in front of the building where I work… on my Harley and wearing Wesco patrol boots with dress slacks tucked into them.TwerkI have been commuting to work via motorcycle for some 30 years. Read on for more of the experiences.
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What I Have Learned Since I Converted This Blog to WordPress

BlognewThere are several blogging platforms out there — the most frequently used and popular is Blogger, owned by Google. I blogged on Blogger for 4-1/2 years until they changed the Graphic User Interface (GUI) — the web-based platform from which a blog author manages his blog and writes his posts. In April, 2012, the GUI changed to be much more difficult to use and totally non-intuitive.

I had been thinking about switching my blog to its own domain — what some people erroneously call a website — for a while before that, but it was easy and comfortable to remain with Blogger which was working fine until “they” changed it. I like it so much when “they” make changes that “they” think are better. Not.

Anyway, those changes to Blogger’s GUI were the tipping point for me to buy the domain bootedmanblog.com, put it on a web host, install WordPress, and start blogging there. I reviewed various blog engines or platforms that would allow me to write and create my blog and decided to use WordPress. How has it been going? What have I learned?
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Boots Bikers Wear Today

Chipfire205Loyal readers follow my rants sometimes where I have stated that real bikers — the serious guys who ride motorcycles regularly and who are not aggressive kids on a sport bike or the next Darwin Award contenders (you know, the kind who wear shorts and sneakers or flip-flops while riding) — always wear above-the-ankle motorcycle boots when they ride.

To prove my point, following are random shots that I took of the boots on bikers who showed up at an event that my motorcycle club sponsored yesterday. These are real, honest-to-goodness, hard-core bikers. Not wannabes. While some of these guys are a billboard for a certain brand and are wearing cheap Chinese-made overpriced boots that carry a certain well-known motorcycle brand name, they all demonstrate what I am talking about.

Real Bikers Wear Boots

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