I have been very concerned about my Spouse and his overall poor health situation. Every day — almost every hour — it’s something. We continue to arrange to see specialists. Unfortunately, we cannot find a good general practitioner to manage the overall process and supervise the Spouse’s healthcare. Turns out the good GPs don’t accept new patients and those who do accept new patients have not been helpful. We have seen at least 10 of them so far this year and on initial contact, Spouse and I look at each other and say, “damn, another bust.”

The last GP who saw The Spouse three times turned out to be a “doctor feel good” — that is, treat with drugs for anxiety and depression. Hell — that was never it. That doc never wanted to look for (test for) the underlying cause.

However, as I face weeks of travel, I am relieved that…
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A Tale of Two Hospitals (or How Ignorance is Bliss)

Long-term readers of this blog are aware that I endured a crash on my motorcycle while commuting to work on May 31, 2016. I was rushed to the closest hospital by ambulance.

Then just this past Friday, my Spouse had a serious medical emergency, and I rushed him to the hospital closest to our home. This is a different hospital, and man, what a difference we felt by ignorance.

What? What do I mean by that? More after the jump…
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Getting Back On The Saddle

As an avid motorcyclist — or shall I say: as a biker who has ridden motorcycles for the better part of 40 years — I continue to seek ways to balance my fondness for the freedom of two-wheeled adventures while dealing with the issues of being a “mature older man”: caregiving for the Spouse requires an enormous amount of time and attention; working more than full-time in a management position while serving as the Acting Boss; and the aches, pains, and infirmities of age.

This balancing act gets tougher, but as they say,
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