Know Your COOL

I have blogged a lot about boots and the quality of materials from which they are made as well as quality of craftsmanship in construction.

Over decades, I have experienced how quality makes a difference in the wear, durability, and comfort of boots.

I also have blogged alot about how boot manufacturers who once made boots exclusively in the United States have…
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Double H Boots Busted

Not that long ago, boots made with the Double H label were considered generally okay for a entry-level work boot. The label got its name when the HH Brown Shoe Company (thus, “HH”) opened a manufacturing facility in Richland, Pennsylvania, in 1955.

However, while the boots with this label continue to be available, the manufacturing and quality have become really awful, as demonstrated…
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Too Hot for Boots?

Most of the United States and Canada are being baked-alive during a massive heat wave. (Climate change deniers be darned). What’s worse, the dew point (the atmospheric temperature below which water droplets begin to condense and dew can form) has been incredibly high — competing with records set in 1980. High dew points mean the air is saturated with moisture and it feels very uncomfortable.

When temperatures, humidity levels, and dew points reach these record-setting levels, boot-wearing becomes…
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Booted for Spring

Despite Old Man Winter struggling to hang on, at least in the upper Midwestern USA today where up to 15 inches of snow is in the forecast, down here in the Mid-Atlantic, Spring has arrived. Sure, we will have some cool days and nights, but we also are having more warmer days with bright sunshine, flowers, and tons of motorcycles on the roads! Woo-hoo!

So what boots are on my feet in Spring?
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Five Tips for Boots (aka “Hacks”)–Part 5 Breaking In Tall Boots

This is the last installment of my “boot hacks” (or tips) series. This post addresses the most frequent question I have received over the years and also see in comments on social media and other places on the ‘net.

The issue of feeling discomfort, heel slippage, and calf tightness (or squeezing, especially if worn with breeches or pants tucked in) is frequently mentioned when guys get new boots and begin wearing them, as this cop (using a photo I took years ago) describes…
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Five Tips for Boots (aka “Hacks”)–Part 2 Boot Stretching

Following the wildly popular previous post (giggle) about preventing boot leather from cracking, this is post #2 about tips for boots — about boot fit on the legs.

What do you do if you have boots that are tight on your legs? Can boots be stretched, or is something else going on? Do boots shrink? Why in the heck are boots that have always been comfortable for me seem to feel tight on my legs now? What can I do about that? More after the jump…
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