Lacing a Boot Zipper into Boots

My loyal and long-time readers know that I am a big fan of boots in the style of station boots. They are about 9 inches (23cm) tall and have eyelets that are NOT meant to string a lace between (like loggers), but are meant to lace in a central boot zipper.

Once you lace in the zipper and break in the boot, you never will have to fool with the laces again. Just pull on the boot, zip it closed, and you’re off. As easy to take off the boots, too.

When I got my first pair of Chippewa Firefighter boots in 2007, I found the lacing technique…

…rather daunting and confusing. Directions were not clear. Illustrations were even more confusing (to me).

Fortunately, I bought my first pair of Chippewa Firefighters in person from Mike of Stompers Boots in San Francisco (RIP, Mike and Stompers Boots. Sad.)

Being a typical guy, I took the boots back to my hotel and struggled trying to lace them. Frustrated, I I took the boots back to Mike the next day and had him show me how to do it. (Mike was very patient and kind.)

Since then, I developed a video to demonstrate the boot zipper lacing technique, which was helpful (at least to some 140,000 viewers).

I also posted instructions on my website’s wiki page with some photos that now appear tired and outdated.

But those photos and instructions could stand improvement. So on receipt of my latest pair of Chippewa Firefighter Boots, I took better photos and created a page on my website with much better detail to provide visual instructions.

Check it out… These instructions apply to any boot that uses a central boot zipper. Doesn’t have to be Chippewa brand (Thorogood or All American, for example — works for these brands too). Hope it helps.

Life is short: wear well-fitting station boots!