Know Your COOL

I have blogged a lot about boots and the quality of materials from which they are made as well as quality of craftsmanship in construction.

Over decades, I have experienced how quality makes a difference in the wear, durability, and comfort of boots.

I also have blogged alot about how boot manufacturers who once made boots exclusively in the United States have…
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Frye Boot Sizing

I received an interesting email the other day that asked,

I was wondering how the vintage Frye campus boot was sized compared to the modern ones. I see you have quite a collection, so was wondering if you had the same size in both your older boots and newer boots. And how the sizing compared to your harness boot.

My reply may not have been what was expected. Why? read on after the jump….
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Culling the Herd

Loyal readers of this blog and my website visitors know that I own a large collection of boots. Cowboy boots, motorcycle boots, work boots, dress boots. Lots of boots.

I have stated frequently in the past that I wear (most of) my boots. No use in having such a large collection without actually wearing them, eh?

Well… things are changing. I had a look around this past weekend, and realized that…
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Valuation of Frye Boots

I have received several email messages in the last week from people who found an old pair of Frye Boots at a yard sale, and have said,

I found your website. I would like to know what price to list a pair of old Frye boots on eBay.

Yes, I have a number of pairs of vintage ’70s and ’80s Frye boots and have written about them on this blog, though it has been quite some time since I have done that.

But with my nostalgic postings on both the website and blog, I fear that I may have…
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Comfortable Boots

BootstorageJan201502For a guy who owns hundreds of pairs of boots, one would think that I would only have boots that are comfortable. Well, mostly that is true, but not for all of them.

Especially now that two things have changed with time: boots age and insoles do not get any softer, and feet age and are not as flexible and tolerant of discomfort as they are when they were young. This is especially true for guys who go from a slim/trim/athletic 120 pounds in their early 20s to … well, middle-age spread. The more weight you carry, the more uncomfortable boots will become.

So here is how this more-than-middle-aged boot wearer deals with boot comfort issues…
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Website Boot Pages With Highest Click Through Rate

I have an interesting non-invasive piece of software on all 729 of my website’s pages that gives me interesting summary information about website visits.

An intriguing detail shows the “click-through-rate” which my software defines as:

what percentage of people exposed to my website using Google for a given search actually clicked on the result for my website.

Here are the results of what types, styles, and manufacturers of boots draw the most visitors to pages on my website as a result of a google search.
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Top 10 Searches That Drive Visitors To This Blog

I have a nifty snippet of software that lets me know what drives people to this blog. Nowadays, well over 95% of visitors to this blog are coming from the top 3 search engines — Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Other search engines, not as much.

What information are the searchers looking for? The top 10 searches are all boot-related. No big surprise there. What are those searches? In reverse order, from 10 to 1, they are:
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