Contributions to Society

Regular readers of this blog know that I am a die-hard, old-fashioned, civic leader who contributes his time through volunteering to serve my neighbors in various ways.

In the last two years, my efforts have evolved to spending a lot of time coaxing, coaching, teaching, and encouraging…
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Return to Our Life

Spouse and I had a peaceful trip to Pittsburgh this past week. His mother died on Sunday after a long, long decline in health, but no disease such as cancer or heart disease. She just gave out at age 91.

This trip was my turn to do all I could to…
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Geeking While Booted III

My boots took me on three airline flights yesterday, hop-skipping-and-jumping across the United States to end up in the 49th state of our nation. Will be kinda busy here doing “sciency” things, learning a lot, and hopefully assisting others to learn from me, so…
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My Position on Technology

Dear readers,

Yesterday I posted a blog when I described some of my personal opinions regarding certain technologies. One reader got his knickers in a twist and sent me a rant about it. On re-reading what I posted, I realized that it had an uncharacteristically snarky tone, so I decided to delete it and start again.

Following are my personal opinions on technology available today. You may be surprised…
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Browsers of This Blog

I am always curious about who visits this blog. I have a small snippet of software that collects information about visitors (in a general but not specific sense) and provides interesting information.

Before implementation of the European GDPR privacy law, I used to see data on what keywords people were searching and I used those findings to develop posts for this blog. After all, if I knew what information people were searching, I could write about topics searched if the topic fit this blog’s primary focus.

However, that information is no longer provided due to implementation of this privacy law. Even though it applies only to Europe, its effects span the globe.

So now I can see…
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