Launch of BHD Gear Sales

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have developed a website called BHD Gear Sales where I can list my personally-owned boots and leather gear that I no longer wear and want to “rehome” on other guys’ feet and bodies.

I am getting older and am making plans for my future where I will eventually move (five to ten years from now). Downsizing a huge boot and gear collection will take time, so this is the process I have chosen to try.

How does it work?
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2022 Plans

Hey there… long time no see! I am doing well, though tolerating the below freezing weather here in the Mid-Atlantic has not been that easy after spending a month in Puerto Rico from mid-December through January.

With it being so darn cold, full leather (shirt, jeans, boots, and even a leather tie for closing the gap at my neck) and my favorite Schott or Langlitz jackets are keeping me warm. Also helps to allow me to turn the heat in my house down a bit to save on home heating costs.

While I was in Puerto Rico, I totally “reset myself” and feel much more positive moving forward in my new life. Mind you, I still miss my husband; the grief is less acute, but still there.

For my “2022 reset,” I made plans related to my boots and leather gear. Interested?
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Honoring Complete

My beloved husband let go one year ago, January 5, due to complications from pancreatic cancer. I honored his last wishes today, one year later. He asked me to scatter his ashes upon the Caribbean Sea off the west coast of Puerto Rico because he said it “was the only ocean I can swim in.”

Instead of using a boat, I had to change plans due to a covid-caused complication. I was okay with that, and actually, I thought…
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