Winter Ride

Whilst most of the continental United States is experiencing rain and snow, the weather on Saturday 28 December in Maryland was unusually pleasant. Sun (though winter muted), dry, and mild with air temperatures that reached 60F (16.5C).

As I mentioned in my recent post, I have been noticing the weather forecast and giving signs at home (longing looks at my neglected Harley and deep sighing–catches the attention of the Spouse every time).

So on this fine day, I got together with some buddies and…
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Fuzzy Socks Routine

I am still struggling to get used to not going to the office every weekday. I do not actually retire until January 3, but I am on leave until my last day, when I make a brief visit to the office and turn in equipment and my I.D. Being on leave is just like what my schedule will be when I retire.

The struggle I am enduring includes more wearing of…
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Day 4: Stunning Surprise

BHD looking surprised

Day 4 of my week’s business trip began with a visit with a dear friend and colleague who picked me up from my hotel. I then entered a conference room and began what I thought would be an all-morning meeting with the Director of the Research Center where we were meeting, and his staff.

That meeting went very well. The Director then called for a break. I went to el baño, and on return to the office area, I was introduced to…
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Day 3: Boots On The Move

Being an extreme early riser, I began Day 3 with a walk along a beach under the full moon. It was peaceful and captivating.

Then I returned to my hotel, packed up, had a bite to eat, and got to the airport. The day involved flying from one island to another, renting a car, and driving to the far end of…
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