Are Those Boots?

Short post, but I thought I would share a funny.

Yesterday at the morning briefing of TBC*, another senior official at the briefing looked at me and did the “boot bounce.” That is, he was looking at how I was dressed in khakis, dress shirt, tie, and cowboy boots. I was wearing…
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Millennials and Boots

There is some controversy about what defines generations, including those generally lumped into the class of “millennials” who were born roughly between the years of 1981 to 1997, more-or-less. I generally disavow lumping anyone into any category because I myself don’t fit stereotypical lumps. But that’s another story.

Anyway, I had an interesting conversation with three guys in their late 20s at a professional association social networking and mentoring gathering, and I thought I would convey the boot-related parts of our conversation. (I participated as an old-fart sage/mentor in my role as an officer of the association.)

The boot-related conversation began by one of the young men noticing cowboy boots on my feet, and saying…
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Boot Changes As Quickly As The Weather

Lately here in the DC ‘burbs, the weather has been highly variable. Record-breaking warmth one day, followed by snow flurries and cold rain the next day, windstorms and drizzle and sun and warmth and cold and … oh my… at least it’s not raining men. (I have the only man I need, thanks.)

Anyway, with the temperatures varying by some 50F day-to-day, and with the precipitation also changing as rapidly as the temperatures, I accommodate those weather changes by changing boots much more frequently, too.
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Motorcycle Commute–A Full Week in Winter

Snow2016postaGreetings from the (virtual) seat of my Harley! All this week, we have had an exceptional warm spell that has dissipated all signs of the cold, snowy winter that we had. Imagine, just seven weeks ago, photo right, is what we were dealing with.

This whole week, while technically still during astronomical winter, we have had Spring. And where have my boots, leathers, and butt been?
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