One Never Knows

One never knows his influence. I have a dear friend who I have known since college. I introduced her to the man she married while we were involved in a student organization that I led. I have enjoyed and loved our friendship for so many years, but never really gave a thought to how I was observed, until this…
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Why Bother to Vote?

Here in the USA, what is called the “mid-term” elections are upon us. In many states, including my own, registered voters can vote early, before the official election day of Tuesday, November 6.

But in this day and age where there is no leadership at the top, only vile tweetstorms from a thin-skinned egomaniac prone to temper-tantrums, why bother to vote? I have been asked that question dozens of times. And my answers have been…
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Every Day

I have been very busy playing “catch up” upon return to home base after an intense but all-too-brief visit to Puerto Rico.

The weekend was packed with my usual activities, which include caring for The Spouse, escorting lovely LOLITS grocery shopping, doing some handyman repairs for a couple friends, and voluntary service at my local fire department in preparation for a big event this coming Saturday.

At the office, it is equally if not more busy. Lots of meetings, reports, etc., to handle as the Acting Boss.

But every day without fail, The Spouse…
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After a very intense trip to Puerto Rico, I am home. I cannot quite describe what I was doing, but over three 16-hour days, I completed 22 field visits, had an important meeting with high-ranking officials, and attended a ceremony…
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This blog is now on a diversion. Work brought me back to my favorite place in the Caribbean, la isla del encanto, Puerto Rico.

I will be here only for a short time, and business begins early Tuesday. However, I arrived rather early on Monday and decided on my half-day off to…
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