Blog Update

Since I changed my “Booted Harleydude” website on March 1, 2024, to “Rick’s website (aka “BHD”) A Gay Guy Into Boots, Leather, Shoes, and Suits” along with its header image and home page images too, I thought it was appropriate to change the image header and statement of this blog to:

BHD’s Musings: the life and times of Rick aka “BHD”
An average former biker, gay leatherman, bootman, shoe & suitman, ‘burbs living guy”

… so the transition will be complete.

As I said on this blog when I made the decision to …
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Decisions, Changes

My Booted Harleydude website has been around since 2005. The screen name was selected because:

a) I own and wear a lot of boots. This website was created primarily to catalog my extensive collection of cowboy, dress, motorcycle, and work boots.

b) I was (note past tense) a biker and owned and rode a Harley. I am also an old-school gay Leatherman, so I cataloged my motorcycle gear and fetish leather gear. Over time, I built quite the collection.

Well, come March 2024, I have made a hard decision to sell my Harley, hang up my helmet, and stop riding motorcycles. Long ago, I decided not to attend any Gay Leather events. I don’t have the interest, stamina, or desire to attend those types of events.

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My engagement with the internet boot world began with This was a website that Larry Kenney and his (then partner, later husband) Bill created on March 3, 1997, at the early stages when the internet was just beginning to be available. Larry and Bill were pioneers in developing websites, this one being the premier site for men into boots. This is the introduction from an early page of the site written by Larry:

This is the web site for the man who loves BOOTS . . .the man who enjoys wearing them for work and for play . . . and who likes to look at ’em and talk about ’em, too!

These pages are designed primarily to entertain and inform bootmen, but everyone is welcome to come on in, look around and enjoy whatever interests them.

This site was started on March 3, 1997, and it has been growing continuously since then. It’s a labor of love for me, and it’s a great way to combine my boot fetish with my interest in computers and the internet.

I first found this site in 2000 and like many other guys, was a “lurker” for years.

Back then, I worked in a job where I hid my sexual identity as a gay man in the closet for fear of what homophobic superiors might do if they found out. When I left that job in 2004, I was more free to “come out.” That’s when I became more active on hotboots. meant a lot to me in my early “coming-out as a gay bootman” process. Through this site and the people I met, I…
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Launch of BHD Gear Sales

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have developed a website called BHD Gear Sales where I can list my personally-owned boots and leather gear that I no longer wear and want to “rehome” on other guys’ feet and bodies.

I am getting older and am making plans for my future where I will eventually move (five to ten years from now). Downsizing a huge boot and gear collection will take time, so this is the process I have chosen to try.

How does it work?
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Damn Google

I rarely use profanity, but this time it’s deserved. Google owns YouTube. Since they took it over, my ability to work with my “Booted Harleydude” channel has been difficult.

However, as of Monday September 27, it has been impossible to…
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Website Issues

I am having significant problems with the company that hosts my main website,, and this blog. The hosting company, Hostgator, has really fallen down on the job. The back story is sad…
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Galleries and Blog Software Conflict

Dear readers,

I am sorry that for about the last week, my website, its boot reviews and knowledgebase wiki and this blog were alternating between being “up” and visible, or parts of the website not being visible, the wiki was and was not working, or this blog disappearing and substituting with an error message about a PHP conflict.

My my my, what a nightmare.

You may not be aware that…
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Browsers of This Blog

I am always curious about who visits this blog. I have a small snippet of software that collects information about visitors (in a general but not specific sense) and provides interesting information.

Before implementation of the European GDPR privacy law, I used to see data on what keywords people were searching and I used those findings to develop posts for this blog. After all, if I knew what information people were searching, I could write about topics searched if the topic fit this blog’s primary focus.

However, that information is no longer provided due to implementation of this privacy law. Even though it applies only to Europe, its effects span the globe.

So now I can see…
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