Website Issues

I am having significant problems with the company that hosts my main website,, and this blog. The hosting company, Hostgator, has really fallen down on the job. The back story is sad…
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Galleries and Blog Software Conflict

Dear readers,

I am sorry that for about the last week, my website, its boot reviews and knowledgebase wiki and this blog were alternating between being “up” and visible, or parts of the website not being visible, the wiki was and was not working, or this blog disappearing and substituting with an error message about a PHP conflict.

My my my, what a nightmare.

You may not be aware that…
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Browsers of This Blog

I am always curious about who visits this blog. I have a small snippet of software that collects information about visitors (in a general but not specific sense) and provides interesting information.

Before implementation of the European GDPR privacy law, I used to see data on what keywords people were searching and I used those findings to develop posts for this blog. After all, if I knew what information people were searching, I could write about topics searched if the topic fit this blog’s primary focus.

However, that information is no longer provided due to implementation of this privacy law. Even though it applies only to Europe, its effects span the globe.

So now I can see…
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Commenting Snark and Nastiness

After I posted a video on my Booted Harleydude Youtube Channel of a recent motorcycle ride, I discovered that there were 159 comments on a number of my videos pending review/approval for posting. Some comments were there for a year. Man, it’s been a long time since I reviewed video comments!

Somehow, the notifications for comment moderation that I requested to be sent to me when a comment was entered were not being sent (another “YouTube takeover by Google” catastrophe, but that’s another story).

I was disheartened, but not surprised, by the tone, most of which…
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