Social Norms Discomfort

I have been blogging now for over ten years, so regular readers are aware that I do not fit stereotypes (gay or straight.) That is, I am my own man and I do not embrace or exhibit the typical behaviors of either a gay or straight man. This blog conveys that I am my own man, comfortable in my own skin, and not comfortable when…
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A Retro Image to Shoot For

Whilst taking a trip down memory lane with The Spouse, we were looking at a photo album that I put together of our first of six trips to Australia. That trip was in February-March, 1996. Man, images of us as a couple of leatherdudes at the Sydney Mardi Gras brought back a lot of memories. But what was more interesting and inspiring to me was…
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Loving Harder

I have mentioned several times on this blog that my spouse still suffers long-term (and probably permanent) life-altering effects from the residual impact that toxins produced by bacteria have had on his body, his brain, and his endocrine system. My spouse was sick for three long years, and now suffers from permanent damage the disease left behind.

I see the behaviors as a result of…
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The Harness Boot

Of all the styles and varieties of boots that I own, I think I have more harness boots than any other (that is, if you don’t count cowboy boots as a singular generic style. With 35 pairs of different kinds of harness boots in my current boot collections, I can understand why visitors to my website may think that I am fond of that style of boot.

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