Southwest Boot Company FFB Boots

I was introduced to Southwest Boot Company by a reader who wrote to me a couple months ago to ask for my opinion about this company and their boots.

According to the company website, they have been in business in Glendale, Southern California, since 1990. Funny, I’ve been around the block a lot in the Boot World, and only learned about them recently, so they must have been a small outfit that has expanded.

Today, I write about their “FFB” series of station boots — a favorite boot style of mine. (more after the jump)
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Firefighter Boots On Duty

I know I have not been posting much on this blog, mostly because nothing much has been happening and all has been quiet under our state’s reasonable and prudent “stay-at-home” order by our state’s Governor. Unfortunately, the number of cases of CoVID-19 continue to rise and the death toll increases daily.

We know this because our state is doing a good job with testing, unlike so many others whose Governors bury their heads in the sand.

And now, it’s “Boots On” as I have been called to duty…
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Lacing a Boot Zipper into Boots

My loyal and long-time readers know that I am a big fan of boots in the style of station boots. They are about 9 inches (23cm) tall and have eyelets that are NOT meant to string a lace between (like loggers), but are meant to lace in a central boot zipper.

Once you lace in the zipper and break in the boot, you never will have to fool with the laces again. Just pull on the boot, zip it closed, and you’re off. As easy to take off the boots, too.

When I got my first pair of Chippewa Firefighter boots in 2007, I found the lacing technique…
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Winter (Not) Ride

The average air temperature in early February where I live (Maryland, USA) usually ranges from 27F (-3C) to 47F (8C) for a high. I do not have heated gear or like to ride when it is cold, so my Harley rests in the garage, waiting for a great day like we had on February 3 when temperatures soared to 67F (19C) by noon.

Retirement has its perks, including…
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Winter Ride

Whilst most of the continental United States is experiencing rain and snow, the weather on Saturday 28 December in Maryland was unusually pleasant. Sun (though winter muted), dry, and mild with air temperatures that reached 60F (16.5C).

As I mentioned in my recent post, I have been noticing the weather forecast and giving signs at home (longing looks at my neglected Harley and deep sighing–catches the attention of the Spouse every time).

So on this fine day, I got together with some buddies and…
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Last Group Ride?

I carved out time in my usual overloaded weekend schedule to go for a ride with long-term friends from my former motorcycle riding club. The destination was in a lovely setting in the rolling Appalachian mountains on the eastern end of what’s known as the Blue Ridge. This area is in northern Maryland and southern Pennsylvania.

Seven riders, including me, got together for this ride (which ultimately was 166 miles/267km). A sunny and warming day beckoned. However…
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