Choose a Job You Love and Never Work a Day In Your Life

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”
― Confucius

I cannot say that I “chose” my current job, but I did “choose” my career path.

I have had jobs before that I enjoyed, but eventually burned out or things changed so much that we mutually saw that parting company was best for my sanity and their… well, whatever reasons they had.

I had a job I loved for 20 years, then it crashed and burned when I got reorganized with the wrong-headed, money-grubbing side of the company.

I had a job that I tolerated, but we knew it was a “holding pattern” until something else came along.

Then I was chosen…
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Guest Blog: NewToBoots Attorney

This is a guest blog post written by someone with whom I have been having a cordial email exchange.

Last summer, I stumbled upon BHD’s website and later, his blog. I wrote to him to ask what boots he may recommend to wear at a wedding being held in Texas in which I was going to be a groomsman. I live in a state in the eastern U.S., where boot-wearing is uncommon among men in professional positions, or even on weekends with casual clothes. Yes, I am among those that BHD has targeted as the “sneaker-wearing Dads” who wear “dorky dress shoes” at the office.

But I have what I thought was a valid reason for doing so: I am a trial attorney, and often appear in court. I must wear a suit and dress the part.

Back to the boots issue.
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General Information About Boots

Lucrattlesnake13I receive questions about boots from a number of people. New-to-boot-wearing, the curious, those with specific questions about particular brands of boots, requests to help identify which manufacturer made a pair of boots, and so forth.

I am happy to try to answer these questions. Sure is better to receive those types of emails than from those annoying Pakistani leather vendors or the liars from India selling SEO services.

Receiving a number of these questions lately caused me to stop and think. I probably have forgotten more than most people will ever know about boots. I am not sure how I learned so much about boots, but I look at it this way: some guys can tell you all of the stats about certain sports and athletes, while I can tell you many details about boots, boot manufacturers, boot construction, and so forth. Our respective memories are chock full of facts and data — theirs about sports, mine about boots.

Following, then, are some facts about boots that I have answered over the last few weeks.
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Mobile-Friendly-izing the Website

Even though I do not have or want a wallet-sucking so-called “smart” phone, I realize nowadays that more than 90% of my website’s visitors come from mobile devices.

Mobile devices these days have all sorts of screen sizes and formats. They also use different kinds of browsers than what my traditional desktop computer uses. These devices’ browsers are pretty good at adapting web content to view it, except…
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Loggers at the Office

Yesterday, it was bitterly cold in these parts. New record low temperatures were reached at local airports. -15C… sounds colder than 5F. Nonetheless, whatever scale you use, it was damn cold!

The worst problem I have with cold — other than not being able to ride my Harley — is that my feet get cold. Even with boots and thick socks, I don’t like cold feet. (Ask my spouse!)

I have a fairly new and good-looking pair of Chippewa insulated “super loggers”. So I decided on casual dress-down Friday to…
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Visit to Langlitz

Langlitz-LogoLast week when I was on business travel in Portland, Oregon, I squeezed out two hours of free time after a long day of meetings and before an evening function to make my way via bus to Langlitz Leathers. This motorcycle leather gear manufacturer is the ultimate maker of super high-quality gear for the discerning biker who understands the difference between superior leather hides and construction from low-grade inferior junk made in Pakistan.

Man, when I entered the store, the aroma of leather…
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Monumental Breakthrough

Loyal readers of this blog know that my spouse has been dealing with serious issues related to long-term infections that he acquired from a tick bite. Three years ago today, he was officially diagnosed with the illness and began a long, torturous process of treatment, recovery, relapse, and now (we think) remission.

When a guy has been sick for so long, and living with serious consequences of that illness, you can’t blame him for dwelling in the present or for adopting a “one day at a time” attitude, without want to think about the future.

My spouse can’t walk without assistance, and he has constant pain in his joints from the permanent damage that those infections caused. So “just get through today” has been his ongoing mantra.

Until yesterday, when…
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Had To Take A Stand

MarylandflaggayringsOrdinarily, my spouse and I live a quiet life where we do not engage in LGBT activism. I have participated to a degree when same-sex marriage was being considered by our state’s legislature by contacting certain elected officials I know by phone and with follow-up letters.

But most of the rest of the activism is not something in which we engage. If other states do different things, who am I as a non-resident non-taxpayer to express an opinion? Instead, we demonstrate that we lead our lives as good and caring citizens who happen to be married to the man he loves.

And by the way, the Earth has not stopped rotating on its axis or around the sun. Marriage is still marriage — it has not been “redefined.”

However, when my motorcycle club…
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