Being Who You Are: A Coming Out Story

There’s a guy I know both at work and through volunteering at our local fire department. Nice guy, 30s, good-looking, single. Great sense of humor and well respected among everyone we mutually know.

I would not consider this guy a friend — more of an acquaintance — but we are friendly to each other when we see one another at meetings, passing in the hall, or so forth.

The other day, he came to my office early in the morning and asked, “do you have plans for lunch?” Since he generally does not ask me to join him for lunch, I took that question that he had another reason to ask me to lunch. I replied to say, “I brought my lunch, but sure, if you want to get out, let’s plan on it.”

He said, “Great. I have something I want to talk to you about.”

When we met later at lunchtime, he said, “You are ‘just you’. I admire that. Let me explain what I mean.” My curiosity piqued,
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Cops: Booted, Not Wet

Yesterday, I served as a judge once again at a large police motorcycle riding competition that is held in the general area where I live (though rather far away.) The weather was damp, though fortunately, hard rain held off during the morning competition. I enjoyed serving as a timing judge this time.

81 motor officers participated, yet the main competition during the morning was completed by 1100. Then we broke for an early lunch.

Right after lunch, jet lag caught up with me real badly, so since I wasn’t really needed again, I went home — and good timing — the skies opened up and it rained all afternoon.

I saw lots of cops and tall black boots. Samples follow…
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Homeward Bound, My Man Awaits

I have taken an unusual break from blogging, but that is because I have been very very busy. I truly enjoy doing what I do, and applying my organizational and professional skills over long days of meetings with people from all over the entire United States, its territories, and commonwealths. I love public speaking, facilitating meetings, and directing traffic. Seriously… and my boss thinks…
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These Boys Need Boots!

I had a great day for my birthday yesterday. The weather was perfect, with bright sunny skies and very low humidity.

I began the day with a 10-mile walk with my walking partner. When I arrived home, my spouse had prepared breakfast for me! How sweet!

Then I booted up, mounted my Harley, and rode to…
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