Comfortable Boots

BootstorageJan201502For a guy who owns hundreds of pairs of boots, one would think that I would only have boots that are comfortable. Well, mostly that is true, but not for all of them.

Especially now that two things have changed with time: boots age and insoles do not get any softer, and feet age and are not as flexible and tolerant of discomfort as they are when they were young. This is especially true for guys who go from a slim/trim/athletic 120 pounds in their early 20s to … well, middle-age spread. The more weight you carry, the more uncomfortable boots will become.

So here is how this more-than-middle-aged boot wearer deals with boot comfort issues…
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The Day-To-Day Life of BHD

Rare guest blog from BHD’s Spouse

This story was requested by one of this blog’s readers. When I was asked to write it, I thought “what can I say?” but then it just rolled off my Chromebook’s keypad.

taz5I am the spouse of this blog’s author. I have a name, a real one, but like my spouse, I just go by affectionate initials he calls me — BB. So, upon request, here is a glimpse of the day-to-day life of my spouse who his twin brother calls Taz (known for his spinning energy in old Bugs Bunny cartoons.)
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When A Sale Is Not A Sale

Sheplers is a well-regarded western wear retailer. There are some 23 brick-and-mortar Shelpers stores in nine states along with a huge on-line retail business. A lot of guys (and gals) have purchased western wear, including boots, from Sheplers over the years. What may not be well-known, however, is that Sheplers was purchased by “Boot Barn Holdings” in July, 2015, and Boot Barn’s on-line retailing schemes are appearing on Shepler’s website. Those schemes are deceiving, so I am calling them out. Here’s what I have observed …
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23 Years Ago In Our Past Life

rp_Early.jpgThis is a reminiscent post. Exactly 23 years ago today, my life began a fundamental change. It began on T Steet, Northwest, Washington, DC, and a future really began on the National Mall within steps of the Washington Monument.

What was this life-changing experience?
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My Leather Lifestyle

rp_Grillin.jpgI received an email recently from someone who said that he had reviewed the various leather gear on my website and said that he wanted to adopt a regular habit of wearing leather more often. He asked me some more questions about how to go about wearing leather without unnecessarily causing anxiety among his family and friends.

I responded to him to state how I feel these days about leather, so I thought I would update my readers about my current choices on wearing leather garments.

First, a bit of place-setting…
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Passing the Torch on a Great Ride

Sunday, I rode wing (second) next to someone training to lead rides for my motorcycle riding group. In my group, we call ride leaders Road Captains. I have served as a Road Captain for my group since 2005.

On Sunday, I was riding to evaluate the new Road Captain-in-training so he can earn his Road Captain patch and organize and lead rides on his own. It was a great ride. I enjoyed…
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Firefighter (Station) Boot Comparison

Thorostation10Recently, I was sent a pair of Thorogood Station Boots to try on and to evaluate against two other pairs of station boots I own made by Chippewa and All American.

I have tried and worn a number of pairs of station boots since I began volunteering with my local fire department back in 1982 (took a break from ’85 to ’96, then returned in ’97), and have learned a few things.
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Website Boot Pages With Highest Click Through Rate

I have an interesting non-invasive piece of software on all 729 of my website’s pages that gives me interesting summary information about website visits.

An intriguing detail shows the “click-through-rate” which my software defines as:

what percentage of people exposed to my website using Google for a given search actually clicked on the result for my website.

Here are the results of what types, styles, and manufacturers of boots draw the most visitors to pages on my website as a result of a google search.
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