Walking Out Hand-In-Hand

On Christmas Day, my twin brother and his wife wanted to attend Catholic mass. We selected the parish church in the neighborhood where we both grew up. I was pleased that my spouse, also Catholic, decided to join us.

My mother-in-law was not feeling strong enough to go out, but she assured us that she would be fine at home alone for a couple hours while we were gone.

We arrived…
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Palpable Patience

Guest blog by J, BHD’s twin brother

Hi there, this is J, BHD’s twin brother. I hijacked his blog to write about my brother. (He hates this, but I am bigger than he is!)

My wife and I decided to “drop in” right before Thanksgiving. I needed a big dose of my brother and our family to get me back to the man I want to be for my wife… thoughtful and not distracted by heavy thoughts.
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