Senior Superlatives Revisited

When you were in high school, did they conduct a vote for “senior superlatives,” such as “most likely to”… succeed; end up in jail; have more than four children; earn more than a million dollars; be elected mayor; etc.?

They did in my high school. Back then, I was chosen as the most likely to…
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Self-Time and Boots Discussion with the Doc

On Wednesday, I took my spouse to see the doctor. We have the same doc, so I also scheduled a checkup for myself. During the exam, the doctor asked a lot of questions because he was concerned about stress and how it is affecting my spouse — and me — by indicators of behavior and results from physical exams of both of us.

He began by asking me to step on a scale. He watched me remove my boots…
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Not Some Office Clone

I have been having conversations with a new guy on the block (so-to-speak)… a young man who recently joined the office staff, working under contract for a chief of a technical division. This guy is eager to make his mark. He arrives early, leaves late, and always appears to be working. I never observe him playing with a smartphone or surfing the web for personal reasons while on the clock. He has a good work ethic.

Now, about his attire…
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Booted In My Hometown

As it says in several on-line bios of Booted Harleydude, I live in the suburbs of Maryland, north and west of the city of Washington, also referred to as the District of Columbia (i.e., Washington, DC.)

I never wanted to live in the city because I am not a city boy, don’t like the noise, hassles, expenses, and for DC in particular, I can’t stand it’s weird relationship as a city, state, and Federal district in which any member of Congress can meddle in its affairs. I prefer to live in a real state, thank you, and keep those meddlers in their own states.

The photo below shows…
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Finally: Some Fun

As my spouse has been saying, “it’s been a wasted summer.” With all the travel to Pittsburgh for his mother’s health situation, we have not had any time for any fun.

Yesterday, the sun and stars aligned and I jumped for it…
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Don’t Live Regrets: Make It Happen (Part 9)

This post summarizes my job transitions from 2004 ’til now. A future post will summarize the rest of my life, marriage, and future outlook, then I’ll be done mesmerizing you with my boring lil’ ol’ life story.

When I left off in Part 7, I had resigned from a job I thought would be the last of my working career when a massive reorganization and appointment of an incompetent boss became more than I was willing to suck up and try again to “make it happen.”

Yep, here and now, I admit that there are times in one’s life when your experience and intuition tells you…
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