BHD Video Removal Notice

Ol’ Booted Harleydude produced a bunch of videos back in the day about boots and leather. Some of the videos were just for fun; some were tutorials, such as tips on breaking in new Dehner Patrol Boots or ordering Wesco Boots.

Those “old” videos were posted between six and 12 years ago. The collection is here.

Today I just caught up with comments on those videos, some of which have been waiting in moderation for a year. Obviously, I don’t check that YouTube channel often.

Unsurprisingly, about half of those comments were…
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Wearing Leather While Flying

#Gear365Way early on this blog, I wrote a number of posts about “air travel with leather gear.” I wrote those posts as a service to Leathermen who may be flying to attend events like Mid-Atlantic Leather or International Mr. Leather. The posts and website content have been based on my experience in flying over 2 million air miles in my lifetime, as well as “kinda liking” to wear leather garments.

Those posts linked to my website where I…
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Consequences of Motorcycle Riding Risk-Taking

On Sunday, I was out for a pleasant ride on my Harley. I rode on familiar two-lane, tree-lined, country roads in my home county. So yeah, it’s me — ol’ geezer on his geezer-glide putt-putting away.

I ride in full gear all the time — boots, long pants, DOT-listed helmet, and a protective, well-ventilated ballistic nylon jacket. Usually — I admit when it’s really hot — I can’t wear a jacket. Roasting fatigues and dehydrates me, thus making it unsafe to ride.

So as I was riding along on this pleasantly warm sunny day, I came to a stop light. Two younger guys on motorcycles that they had modified (one with “ape hanger” bars) pulled up behind me. Revved their engines… obvious to me, they wanted to…
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Langlitz Leather Weather Riding

As mentioned in my previous blog post, I got out for a ride yesterday to run the route that I will lead as the last ride as a Road Captain for my motorcycle club. I am not quitting the club or riding; I just do not have the stamina to lead rides any more. That ol’ chronic illness that I have to live with is more and more fatiguing. More on that later.

But now… the ride. A fantastic early autumn day beckoned me. It was 50F (10C) and brilliantly sunny. Dry, cool weather is perfect for…
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Protective Motorcycle Gear

I participated in a focus group the other night about the kinds of motorcycle gear worn these days. It was interesting to see what non-biker researchers wanted to know. I cannot reveal information about what we discussed, but generally what I heard is consistent with what I see among my fellow biker friends who are not “hot dogs” and are generally safe, sane, and experienced riders.

I mentioned my participation in this group to my friend WC who asked…
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Storing Leather Gear During Summer

Now that warmer weather is upon us here in North America, the leather jackets, chaps, jeans, and breeches are not part of my regular wearing apparel, either on my Harley or around the ‘hood as I go about daily business. Sure, we may get a damp and cool day now-and-then, but for the most part in late Spring, Summer, and early Autumn where temperatures routinely hit the 90s (32C) and humidity almost matches, it’s time for the leather to be given a break.

How do I store leather for a long-term of non-use?
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