That Fateful Day

Two years ago today was a typical Tuesday. I had a lot of work to do at the office and I was looking forward to another productive day.

The weather was mild and dry. Great day for my six-mile commute to work via Harley!

I dressed in business casual attire, and selected a favorite pair of black Chippewa harness boots to wear to work.

I entered the garage, opened the door, and felt …
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No Rolling, Lots of Thunder

Every year this weekend, the “Rolling Thunder” motorcycle event occurs (the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend.) Bikers ride to the parking lot of the Pentagon building in Arlington, Virginia, then ride into Washington, DC, along a route that swings by the U.S. Capitol Building, the White House, then ends at the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial (near the Lincoln Memorial.)

I have ridden on this ride several times, but years ago. Why not now?
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Sad Lesson About the State of Affairs

I love my country, the United States of America. However, I am increasingly appalled at the divisive attitudes espoused and encouraged by The Great Orange One, otherwise referred to on this blog as the DIC*.

Rather than hold up a sign and exhaust myself “marching” in the streets of our capital city, where these marches happen almost weekly with no results, I take direct and contributive action.

With hate-filled and misguided concerns about people in my community who practice non-Christian religions or who speak languages other than English…
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Still Leather Weather

It has rained for the past nine days. I am preparing to line up my animals two-by-two and build an ark. While the area where I live has not had bad flooding and is just “mushy,” what I have noticed more is that the temperatures are more like they are in damp March than the third week of May.

So while riding my Harley is not in the picture due to all this rain, leather is. Yeah, the rain has caused an unseasonable drop in ambient air temperatures, so keeping warm has my leather …
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Secure Site Upgrades Coming

Blogging and maintaining my website have been hobbies, the former since January 2008, and the latter since April 2005. I am not a web-development geek by any means and struggle to keep up with changes to technology that develops much more rapidly than I am able to ingest and apply.

However, over and over again, I keep seeing information about search engines not ranking sites with the hold “http://” URLs as high as sites that employ the …
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Culling the Herd

Loyal readers of this blog and my website visitors know that I own a large collection of boots. Cowboy boots, motorcycle boots, work boots, dress boots. Lots of boots.

I have stated frequently in the past that I wear (most of) my boots. No use in having such a large collection without actually wearing them, eh?

Well… things are changing. I had a look around this past weekend, and realized that…
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