Solo Riding

I realize that I have not posted much on this blog. There are some things going on at home about which I would rather not disclose that have returned me to being a caregiver.

Things are not *that bad*, but nonetheless concerning.

It has also been darned hot, classic for the Maryland ‘burbs of DC this time of year.

Spouse and I had planned…
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Riding To Break In Harness Boots

During the “stay-at-home” order period, which here in Maryland began March 30 and technically hasn’t ended (for good reason!), I was a good schnook and did just that — stayed home!

In mid-May, restrictions began to lift slightly for activities where you did not interact with people, including being able to ride my Harley for more than running errands to get groceries or to the pharmacy. (Or go skydiving, but that’s different.)

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Riding the Harley Cautiously

I have been careful about following salient and prudent orders and recommendations from the Governor of Maryland who is doing a great job responding to the coronavirus pandemic and protecting the residents of my home state.

I am grateful that covidiots who reign supreme in other states are kept at bay in Maryland (so far).

During the “stay-at-home” period, I only ventured out…
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Winter (Not) Ride

The average air temperature in early February where I live (Maryland, USA) usually ranges from 27F (-3C) to 47F (8C) for a high. I do not have heated gear or like to ride when it is cold, so my Harley rests in the garage, waiting for a great day like we had on February 3 when temperatures soared to 67F (19C) by noon.

Retirement has its perks, including…
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Winter Ride

Whilst most of the continental United States is experiencing rain and snow, the weather on Saturday 28 December in Maryland was unusually pleasant. Sun (though winter muted), dry, and mild with air temperatures that reached 60F (16.5C).

As I mentioned in my recent post, I have been noticing the weather forecast and giving signs at home (longing looks at my neglected Harley and deep sighing–catches the attention of the Spouse every time).

So on this fine day, I got together with some buddies and…
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