3 Docs say: “Nice Boots”

Lately I have had a rather serious medical problem and have been seeing doctors rather frequently to have the situation examined and treated. The Spouse was always with me, caring for me, holding my hand, and helping me deal with anxiety I was feeling. I hate going to doctors, and even worse, anything having to do with needles.

I will not describe the medical problem I have, but its consequences meant that…
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Measuring Men’s Boot Heel Height

Sometimes there is debate in the boot world on how to measure the height of a boot heel properly.

If you use a search engine, you will get different “answers”, and 99% of the results are about women’s high-heeled footwear. That really is not what this blog post is about. I am writing about men’s boots.

So how do I measure boot heel height?
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Frye Boot Sizing

I received an interesting email the other day that asked,

I was wondering how the vintage Frye campus boot was sized compared to the modern ones. I see you have quite a collection, so was wondering if you had the same size in both your older boots and newer boots. And how the sizing compared to your harness boot.

My reply may not have been what was expected. Why? read on after the jump….
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Trike Not In Our Future

Yesterday, The Spouse and I went to the annual DC motorcycle show. This event travels around the country and is sponsored by an insurance company. Various models of motorcycles are displayed and there are vendors selling items like helmets, gloves, jackets, vests, and other stuff.

Last time we went to this show was seven years ago. Comparison? read on…
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Long-Standing Habits Confirm On Track to Building Wealth

As the header of this blog says, I am just your average booted biker in the ‘burbs. I work for a living, have a spouse, own a home, and have regular bills and financial commitments like anyone else to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads.

By no means are we among the top 1% who benefit from the recently enacted income tax reform bill that brings huge tax breaks to the ultrarich while socking it to the middle class, the 1% and the idiot-in-chief call losers.

However, upon reading a recent article in Kiplinger’s titled, “4 Simple Habits to Build Wealth Faster” and taking a quiz on how my financial outlook impacts ability to build wealth, I have confirmed that…
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