Kudos to Tecovas Boots Customer Service

I have become a fan of Tecovas Boots. I seldom rave about boots or the companies that make them, but in this case, Tecovas has earned an exception and my respect. (BTW, this post is my own; I was not offered anything in exchange for what I am about to say… read on!)

Back in February 2017, I bought my first pair of Tecovas boots — regular calfskin boots with a round toe.

These boots arrived quickly and…
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Home, Decision Made

My Spouse and I enjoyed nine days on the island of Puerto Rico, where I have worked on projects and training for over 30 years. This trip was for three purposes — to renew my spirit and relationship with my Spouse; for both of us to look around to consider purchase of an investment property for a winter home; and to relax.

We accomplished all three, but…
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Journey With My Valentine

I know I have been lax in posting on this blog; however, Spouse and I are on vacation in Puerto Rico for a reason — to relax, renew, and enjoy each other.

I have enjoyed our visit. We will be here for a few more days. Here’s a little bit about what we have been up to…
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After an interesting experience to get here, The Spouse is teaching me the art of “chillaxin’.”

Airplane took off for San Juan, then after about an hour, declared an emergency and landed in Orlando. The only thing we were told was…
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Double H Boots Busted

Not that long ago, boots made with the Double H label were considered generally okay for a entry-level work boot. The label got its name when the HH Brown Shoe Company (thus, “HH”) opened a manufacturing facility in Richland, Pennsylvania, in 1955.

However, while the boots with this label continue to be available, the manufacturing and quality have become really awful, as demonstrated…
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Winter (Not) Ride

The average air temperature in early February where I live (Maryland, USA) usually ranges from 27F (-3C) to 47F (8C) for a high. I do not have heated gear or like to ride when it is cold, so my Harley rests in the garage, waiting for a great day like we had on February 3 when temperatures soared to 67F (19C) by noon.

Retirement has its perks, including…
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