About Me

I am an average middle-aged biker who lives with his spouse in the greater suburban sprawl of Washington, DC, USA. We live in the State of Maryland, north and west of the city.

I work by day as a professional with an international reputation in my field. I volunteer in my off-hours to care for many senior pals, and have many hobbies. I collect and write about boots because I have been wearing boots as my exclusive choice of footwear since I was a kid. I also enjoy blogging, building and maintaining websites, and doing home remodeling to make affordable homes available for community heroes (cops, firefighters, teachers).

I enjoy riding my 2008 Harley-Davidson Road King. I ride for fun with safety-oriented buddies when time permits and also for commuting to work and community meetings in daylight. (I no longer ride in the dark.)

There’s not much more to say… we’re just quiet, married gay dudes enjoying life in the ‘burbs, maintaining our home, our hobbies, and caring for each other.

A longer bio, “Who Is Booted Harleydude,” is here (this is a link).

My husband and I married on April 4, 2013, at our county courthouse in our home state of Maryland in a simple, quiet civil ceremony. We did not have, nor want, a big frilly froo-froo wedding.