Court Summons of 7 Years Ago

Today marks 7 years since the Chief Judge of our county’s Circuit Court summoned Spouse and me to his chambers.

You shall appear at 10:00am in Room (x) of the County Judicial Center for proceedings that will change your life.

Not waiting to be picked up by the Sheriff, we drove ourselves to the County Seat, walked nervously into the courthouse, and made our way to the elevator to go to the 7th floor to find Chief Judge’s private chambers.


TO BE MARRIED! YAY! Seven years ago today, my beloved Spouse and I said our vows and were officially and forever married. Legally. In our home state and in the county of my birth — by the Chief Judge no less. The Judge has been a friend since elementary school.

Spouse and I have been together for just about 27 years now. But each time I look at him and realize we are really married, I get goose bumps. Me? Who woulda thunk that I could marry the man I have loved all these years?

Much has changed since we pledged enduring support and commitment to one another. We both have retired, paid off all debt, Spouse went through hell of three years of an infectious disease with lingering effects, cared for the mother-in-law until her peaceful death, traveled some together for a delayed honeymoon and just for fun.

What has persisted through all these times is our enduring love, support, caring, and commitment.

Happy Anniversary, Spouse! I love you today and always. Sempre e ore.

Life is short: show those you love how you love them.

2 thoughts on “Court Summons of 7 Years Ago

  1. Tanti auguri e felice anniversario da Roma!

    Love, your “little” brother. (We are safe… for your readers to know.) Thank you for your frequent telephone calls to check in. Keep safe and healthy yourselves!

  2. Happy (belated) anniversary. May you enjoy all your anniversaries now and in the future!

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