What Makes Our Marriage Healthy

I received an email the other day from a regular reader who wrote:

I was wondering if you could write about a healthy marriage, specifically a healthy gay marriage. Gay men are getting married at record rates now but we don’t really have “elders” like our parents did to guide us. Also, are there any particular things to be mindful about when only one partner is into fetish and leather?

Hmmm… Great Question! Thanks.

I have some thoughts about this matter…
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Solo Riding

I realize that I have not posted much on this blog. There are some things going on at home about which I would rather not disclose that have returned me to being a caregiver.

Things are not *that bad*, but nonetheless concerning.

It has also been darned hot, classic for the Maryland ‘burbs of DC this time of year.

Spouse and I had planned…
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