Stereotyping Alpha Male Turns Boys Into Gays?

I was puzzled to find the following search that directed a visitor from Lidon, Utah, to a post on this blog titled, “Low Self Esteem, Insecurity, and Homosexuality.”

The search read, “sterotyping alpha male turns boys into gays.”
AlphamalegayThis search term can be interpreted several ways, but here is what I think, from the perspective of a married, masculine gay man —
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What Does Your Wife Do?

The other day at work, I was orienting a new colleague to where things are around the office and was introducing him to staff and explaining what each of them do.

During our day, my colleague explained that his wife did such-and-such job like someone I had introduced him to. Then he turned to me and asked, “are you married?”

Me: Yep.

Him: What does your wife do?
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Lucchese Since 1883

Those familiar with Lucchese Boots know that Lucchese makes three lines: Classics — handcrafted and most expensive; Lucchese 2000 — mostly roper styles nowadays and considered mid-line, and are machine-made in the USA; and this year, replacing “Lucchese 1883” they now offer “Lucchese Since 1883” — slightly different name for the entry-level of machine-made cowboy boots. And, not unexpected, the “Lucchese Since 1883” boots are …
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The Leatherman at the Organic Market

Ooops, I got some organic/shmorganic yuppies upset. My spouse required more rabbit food (protein cereal grains) that is only sold at an organic market. While I was out and about running errands on my Harley today, I stopped by that market to get the grains my spouse asked for. Dressed like this:

I should have known… really… what would happen, especially when I rode up to the store and observed most vehicles parked in the store’s lot were hybrids.

It was my full leather that caught attention of some folks who…
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Family and the Married Gay Couple

I have often mentioned on this blog how fortunate I feel to have a large, raucous, and very loving, supportive family. It hurts my heart to read or see stories about families disowning sons, siblings, or uncles who are gay. I know that it has been a journey, transition, or evolution — whatever you want to call it — for some of my family to understand that their son, brother, uncle, or cousin is gay… met a man… built a home and a life together… then married when legally permitted.

What has been the family response to the news of our marriage (and practically, an elopement?)
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