SIR in Leather

Okay, I admit… with some introspection and on getting reacquainted with a friend who is as much into leather as I am, it is confirmed that I am a “SIR” in the gay leatherworld.

I have always thought of myself as a masculine man. I have shunned characteristics of effeminate gay males. I respect that we are all different, and some people are more on the effeminate side than the type of man I am.

I have also learned more about what a “sub” is to a “SIR.” Through this in-person reacquaintance with a really nice guy who ticks many of my boxes, …
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A Normal Gay

It’s June, Gay Pride Month… this month hasn’t been a big deal to me for a long time, as I am proud every month whether I am gay, a brother, an uncle, a friend, a biker/Harley rider, a civic leader, a helper, a caregiver, a neighbor, a husband… whatever.

However, I am bombarded with many messages related to “celebrating Gay Pride!” … like suddenly the world thinks everyone should celebrate… la la la, twirl and laugh… whatever.

Nothing took me more by surprise than a colleague coming up to me and saying,
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A Tale of Two Hospitals (or How Ignorance is Bliss)

Long-term readers of this blog are aware that I endured a crash on my motorcycle while commuting to work on May 31, 2016. I was rushed to the closest hospital by ambulance.

Then just this past Friday, my Spouse had a serious medical emergency, and I rushed him to the hospital closest to our home. This is a different hospital, and man, what a difference we felt by ignorance.

What? What do I mean by that? More after the jump…
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My UnGay World

I don’t live in a closet, but sometimes, I feel as if I live under a rock. You know, when your Spouse remains constantly ill, you lose awareness of all things around you other than him.

Some recent conversations with friends made me realize, though, that even if Spouse were not so ill, I still do not think much about being gay or doing…
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Being The Man and Leader I Am

I mentioned that I recently attended a training event for leaders of motorcycle clubs for Harley riders. There were about 800 people there and it was good to see that well over 25% of them were female. Motorcycle club leadership for Harley riders is less dominated by men, which in my opinion, is a good thing.

With more attention these days about treatment of women and sexual harassment, I can say that in my observation, the men at this event were respectful. There was much less sexual innuendo in the marketing materials and thankfully — for the first time — no scantily-clad bikini-wearing women draped on Harleys for photo ops. Yay! (Personally, I appreciate that effect of the “me too” movement!)

While more inclusive and respectful treatment of women was observed, I regret that…
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No Scene Required for Identity

I received a thoughtful email from some who said that he is a long-time reader of this blog, but from whom I have not heard from before. He lives near the area about which I recently posted, noting that the downsizing of these monuments is, in his opinion as it is mine, a travesty.

But what this writer said in the second paragraph of his message was intriguing to me, and in my opinion, spot-on with how I feel about …
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