My New Motorcycle

I wrote a post before to say that I sold my 2008 Harley-Davidson Road King. I was not riding it much last year while my husband was going through a hell of a journey with cancer. I did not want to have the risk of injuring myself while I was caring for him so intently, living our marriage vows every day.

I also suffer from a chronic intestinal disease that is damn fatiguing, especially as I get older. That big super-heavy bike exhausted me when I rode it for more than a few hours.

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Trike Not In Our Future

Yesterday, The Spouse and I went to the annual DC motorcycle show. This event travels around the country and is sponsored by an insurance company. Various models of motorcycles are displayed and there are vendors selling items like helmets, gloves, jackets, vests, and other stuff.

Last time we went to this show was seven years ago. Comparison? read on…
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Physical Therapy for Bikers

rp_Roadking18.jpgLast evening, I rode my Harley to a session with a physical therapist who is helping me deal with the issue of my severely strained, but improving, back ligament. The therapist asked me what activity was most difficult or concerning to me about potential future back strain so she could teach me skills to manage it.

I explained that I was most concerned about being able to mount and dismount my Harley. While the therapist is rather disapproving of motorcycle riding or wearing boots (she is definitely a “sneakerphile”), she agreed that if indeed that was the activity that could well possibly be a cause of more back stresses and strains, that I should show her exactly what the difficulty was.

So I rumbled aboard my Harley to the therapy center, decked out…
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