Musings of Autumn

I have not written very much for this blog, but it does not mean that I am laying on a hammock, sipping lemonade, and watching the leaves fall.

A few months ago, I added an email subscription widget. I am notified when a new subscriber is added to the list. However, some of the new subscribers may be “bots” that signed up for my email list. I am strongly thinking of removing …
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Skills Practice

I have been riding motorcycles for more than 40 years. Thus one might think I know how to ride safely.

Road riding is generally good… until it isn’t. “Things happen” like a vehicle suddenly crossing your path of travel, debris in the road, or an animal deciding to run out in front of you and freeze.

Crash avoidance is a skill that even the most experienced riders need to practice, especially…
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My New Motorcycle

I wrote a post before to say that I sold my 2008 Harley-Davidson Road King. I was not riding it much last year while my husband was going through a hell of a journey with cancer. I did not want to have the risk of injuring myself while I was caring for him so intently, living our marriage vows every day.

I also suffer from a chronic intestinal disease that is damn fatiguing, especially as I get older. That big super-heavy bike exhausted me when I rode it for more than a few hours.

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Trike Not In Our Future

Yesterday, The Spouse and I went to the annual DC motorcycle show. This event travels around the country and is sponsored by an insurance company. Various models of motorcycles are displayed and there are vendors selling items like helmets, gloves, jackets, vests, and other stuff.

Last time we went to this show was seven years ago. Comparison? read on…
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