Awesome Road Trip

North America experienced a total solar eclipse on Monday 8 April, 2024.

I was considering flying somewhere to see full totality, but on advice from pros I trust, I decided not to pay for an airline ticket, hotel rooms, and so forth in case cloud cover made it a bust.

However, a close friend is such an eclipse enthusiast, we decided to wait until the Friday before to review weather information. We spoke that morning and decided it looked potentially good enough to take a road trip toward Ohio or Indiana.

My buddy picked me up on Sunday morning, and we…
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Growing A Hobby Into Professional Results

When my husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in July 2020, he knew his life would be shorter than we anticipated. Actually, he thought he would die much sooner than I did. Unfortunately, he was right — six months after diagnosis, surgery, and failed chemo treatments, he died.

Knowing I should have a hobby to concentrate on and enjoy, for my last birthday (I do not have birthdays any more) in August 2020, he bought me one of the best digital SLR cameras available on the market. He knew I had creative talent, but I was so focused on my career which was highly technical and scientific, I did not use the creative side of my brain (much.)

In my new life after my husband died, I took a year to grieve. The year of 2021 was a fog. But when I look back at what I did that year, I was …
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