I have been very concerned about my Spouse and his overall poor health situation. Every day — almost every hour — it’s something. We continue to arrange to see specialists. Unfortunately, we cannot find a good general practitioner to manage the overall process and supervise the Spouse’s healthcare. Turns out the good GPs don’t accept new patients and those who do accept new patients have not been helpful. We have seen at least 10 of them so far this year and on initial contact, Spouse and I look at each other and say, “damn, another bust.”

The last GP who saw The Spouse three times turned out to be a “doctor feel good” — that is, treat with drugs for anxiety and depression. Hell — that was never it. That doc never wanted to look for (test for) the underlying cause.

However, as I face weeks of travel, I am relieved that…

…my twin brother, “J”, dropped everything and came to stay with us for a month. He lives in Italy, but was working in the Middle East again (he is fluent in six languages spoken in northern Africa). Anyway, he wrapped up his volunteer assignment bringing peace and comfort to war-torn refugees, went home to Rome for a few days, checked in with his wife, packed his bags again, and arrived at our home yesterday.

The situation that I found myself in at work was that I have two week-long business trips coming up that cannot be rescheduled or have me cancel my participation. These trips will be on the other side of the country from where I live.

I was worried sick about leaving The Spouse while I was gone. Brother “J” heard the tone of extreme concern in my voice when we spoke by phone last week. Then, as I said, he dropped everything and came to my rescue.

Spouse was insisting, “I can take care of myself. If I have a problem, I’ll just call a taxi and go to the hospital again.” Crap… with me out of town and hearing that he went to the hospital, I’d have a fit and be heartbroken. When he requires medical care, especially in a hospital, he needs a strong advocate to be with him.

I have other siblings, extended family, and friends who try to help, but they have their own lives and are busy caring for their own. They could drop in from time to time, but Spouse really doesn’t like unannounced visitors and it is not likely he would answer the doorbell if it rang. So there is nothing like having someone that The Spouse really likes and I trust with my life actually being there 24/7.

Once more, “J” rides to the rescue of his four-minute older but significantly shorter “little” brother. I have no words… other than:

Life is short: show those you love how you love them.