Crazy Awesome Ride Memories

One year ago, my buddy “S” and I began a Crazy Awesome Adventure — a 1,250-mile motorcycle ride through the “Mighty Five” National Parks of southern Utah.

For the next few posts, I will share memories of that adventure, as well as plans for a reprise.

What’s that?…

…yep, “S” and I are planning to return for a reprise of this adventure, but on roads that go through some different areas of this vast, beautiful, country.

What we did to prepare for the 2017 ride

* Arranged motorcycle rentals in April
* Planned the ride route in early May
* Arranged for hotels in May
* Built up motorcycle riding endurance in May, June, and July
* Rode this adventure July 26 – July 31

What I would do differently next time

* Arrange motorcycle rentals in January (discount available and I can apply a gift certificate before it expires.)

* Plan the ride route sooner to accommodate my riding limits (250 miles/day and only riding during daylight)

* Arrange for hotels much earlier so we can get hotel locations closer to where we want them along our selected waypoints instead of wildly different locations that we were provided by the hotel booking company.

* Once hotel bookings have been made, call each hotel directly to make sure that the hotel will honor the pre-paid arrangement. That didn’t happen with one hotel on our past journey, so I will confirm those arrangements directly rather than trust that the hotel will honor the pre-paid certificate.

* Build up motorcycle riding endurance like I did before, but starting as early as March through June.

* Plan a week for this ride earlier than we did last time. The 2017 ride was arranged to coincide with a business trip that I had. However, monsoon (heavy rains, lightning, and winds) sets in by the first week of July, so we should consider going earlier during the driest part of the year for that area of the country.

I look forward to speaking with “S” to make plans together, get his input on the ride route, and make some decisions. After all, I am a planner and want to get arrangements organized so we know what to expect.

Also, I will make sure The Spouse is healthy so I can leave him alone for a week.

Life is short: reprise bucket list adventures when possible.