Bookending Caregiving

As many readers of this blog know, my Spouse has a chronic illness and no medical professional can figure out its cause, or treat it. Trust me, we’ve…

…tried a number of rational, reasonable, medically-indicated approaches, but so far, no luck.

The intensity of caregiving is stressful and takes a toll on my psyche. Everyone says, “caregiver, take care of yourself.” How can one take care of himself when his beloved Spouse needs so much attention?

Spouse is a real trooper. He endured an invasive medical procedure on Thursday. Preliminary results are: “we didn’t see anything…”

Then he had another MRI on Friday morning. This time, it was a closed MRI which is quite claustrophobic. However, Spouse got through it. He is such a trooper!

Friday afternoon, Spouse saw a specialist who took biopsies of suspected skin cancer. Likely he will have to have those pre-cancerous lesions removed soon.

Spouse just can’t get a break.

Today, Sunday, Spouse is resting. He is okay to be left alone for a while. So once again, I am going for a Harley ride with buddies to break stress on what promises to be a stunningly beautiful day with lots of sun, mild air temperatures, and low humidity — rare for July in these parts.

Life is short: ride to relieve stress of caregiving!