New Motorcycle Ride Video

As I mentioned in my most recent blog post, I had a spectacular motorcycle ride with friends on a stunningly perfect day last Sunday. We rode…

…into, up, and through the ridges that we call Catoctin mountain. This area is defined on the all-knowing wikipedia thusly:

Catoctin Mountain … forms the easternmost mountain ridge of the Blue Ridge Mountains, which are in turn a part of the Appalachian Mountains range. The ridge runs northeast/southwest for about 50 miles (80 km) departing from South Mountain near Emmitsburg, Maryland, and running south past Leesburg, Virginia, where it disappears into the Piedmont in a series of low-lying hills near Aldie, Virginia.

I know these are not mountain-mountains like the Rockies, but they’ll do. Elevations don’t exceed 1,900 feet (580m). Not much more than a hill.

By the way, I also learned something. I have been calling this ridgeline “the Catoctin Mountains“, but learned that:

The name of Catoctin Mountain follows the convention of referring to an entire mountainous ridge as a single “mountain” in situations where there is no single prominent peak. Nevertheless, it is still occasionally (and erroneously) called the “Catoctin Mountains”. However, the ridge clearly has two prominent segments, one south of the Potomac River in Virginia and one north of it in Maryland.

Who knew? Now I do — it’s called Catoctin Mountain without the “s”.

Anyway, join my buddies and me on a ride through the Eylers Valley of Catoctin Mountain in the video below. Great riding roads with hills, curves, and tree-canopied views!

Life is short: RIDE!

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