Cured To Ride

Yesterday morning, I woke up feeling crappy, as if a cold were about to take hold. I know how it feels and really thought that I was in for rough times ahead and feeling crappy for several days. Worse — keeping distance from my spouse.

However, I am cured as I write this post in the evening. How did I get well so fast?
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Fall Frolicking–In Boots, Of Course

We have hundreds of trees on our property. Fortunately, we have very little lawn in comparison with the amount of our property that we leave to nature.

Once each autumn, enough leaves from our back yard trees fall on the front and side lawns that require blowing, raking, and toting to the far rear of our property to the compost pile.

Such was our last weekend… and while removing the leaves, I wore a pair of boots that have a triple use — cowboy, motorcycle, and work. What were they?
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No InfoTainment

Ah crap… the other day, I was lamenting to my spouse about never being able to find a new four-wheeled vehicle (if I ever were to replace my aging truck) because I don’t want bluetooth, rear backup cameras, on-board computer or GPS, satellite radio or internet, or any of that crap. It’s a truck (or car), not a friggin rocket ship! But so few vehicles made today come without those bells and whistles that I will never use and do not want to pay for.

HDinfotainAnd now Harley-Davidson is promoting their new “Boom! Box InfoTainment System” on certain 2014 motorcycles. Inevitably, this new system will be “standard” on almost all new Harleys. So Harley-Davidson is emulating what many 4-wheel vehicle manufacturers are doing in what they say is in response to customer demand.

How do I feel about that?
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Straight People Need A Word

Most everyone I know, both in my community and at work, is straight. They are not against same-sex marriage, but they are not all that comfortable with it, either.

An example is a friend who is retired from more than 25 years of service in the U.S. military. He is married, has 3 kids, wife, and so forth. As straight as they come. But he is not narrow in his thinking.

He invited a group of us, including me, to a holiday open house. These were his words:
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Do you know the feeling of unease when the boss comes to you and says, “come see me, now.” Then leads you into a private office and shuts the door — all while having a very stern look on his face, which is uncharacteristic.

I know that I had not done anything wrong, but still there is that moment of fear and saying to yourself, “what did I do? What happened?”

The boss pointed to a chair, and said, “sit down. We need to talk.”
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Happy Birthday to My Spouse

Today is my spouse’s birthday. Since I have to work today, we celebrated yesterday instead, since it was a U.S. Federal Holiday and I had the day off.

It was nice to give him a “birthday for husband” card this year 🙂

My spouse did not want presents, but I was able to arrange quite a surprise, available only in DC….
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Moving Moments

Most of my legion of senior pals are women who have outlived their husbands and rely on me to do some home repairs and take them grocery shopping.

Some of the spouses of my senior pals are alive, and they also appreciate that I take their wives shopping because they hate it. To me, it’s just fun — I must be a glutton for … cookies and smiles. 🙂

Anyway, one of my senior pals is married to a man who served in World War II. When I visit this man and his wife, I ask about what he did and what he thought about when he served in the U.S. Army. I learned a lot of history that way.

Yesterday, I planned a special excursion for my friend.
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Honoring My Sister and Her Husband

Today is the 50th wedding anniversary for my “big” sister and her husband. Man, think about it — 50 years of marriage! I am very happy that they reached this important milestone in their relationship. And I was there when they got married, but was just a tyke and don’t remember much.
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